4-Stem Orchid Plant

[ Height: 27" - 30" | Pot Size: 10" - 12" ]
This awesome 4-stem phalaenopsis orchid plant arrangement is a stunning addition to any setting.
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4-Stem Orchid Plant

Phalaenopsis amabilis

[ Height: 27" - 30" | Pot Size: 10" - 12" ]
This awesome 4-stem phalaenopsis orchid plant arrangement is a stunning addition to any setting. Filtered sunlight, water once every 10-12 days. Same day orchid plant hand delivery in NYC, 7 days a week by plantshed.com

  • Geographic Origin: Mostly Indonesia & the Philippines, but also other countries in Asia
  • Features: Colorful flowers; Conversation Piece
  • Growth Rate: Slow
  • Great For: Low Sunlight

Plant Care Guide


While blooming, place the orchid anywhere out of direct sunlight. When not in bloom, bright indirect light is best.



PlantShed's orchids are potted in sphagnum moss which retains water and means the plant will need to be watered less frequently. About every 10-12 days, touch the moss for dryness. If the top feels dry, add about a quarter cup of water, keeping in mind that too much water will build-up at the bottom of the container and should be avoided. If the orchid is transplanted to a new pot with drainage, water weekly allowing excess to escape from the bottom.


Level of Care

Easy! Despite a misconceived reputation as being hard to grow, Phalaenopsis Orchids are some of the easiest to maintain and get to bloom again.


Air Purifying

The NASA Clean Air Study has ranked the Phalaenopsis Orchid as one of the most efficient houseplants that remove xylene and toluene from the air we breathe.



Use any balanced orchid fertilizer at half-strength every week or two. Once a month flush out the potting mix with clean water to remove any salts that may build up. Do not fertilize while orchid is in bloom.



Keep above 60°F at night and between 70-80°F during the day. The maximum they can handle is usually 95°F. Avoid fluctuating temperatures as this will cause unopened buds to drop.



The ideal containers for Phalaenopsis Orchids have holes on the sides to provide good drainage and air circulation. Plants in vases are a more formal presentation, but require more care in terms of watering to avoid build-up and root rot. Plants in sphagnum moss require less frequent watering, but a mixture of moss and bark is best for long-term growth.


Pruning & Propagation

Blooms should last several months and will then fall off on their own, but if wilted, just prune or gently break from the stem for a tidier appearance. After the last bloom has fallen off, cut stem down to the base to encourage leaves to grow and a new stem to emerge. On large plants, pruning above a gray node on the stem will cause the plant to bloom again in 8-12 weeks 50% of the time.


Pet Friendly

Yes! Phalaenopsis Orchids are non-toxic if consumed by dogs and cats.

4-Stem Orchid Plant