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10 Early Spring Blooming Flowers to Add to Your Bouquets

10 Early Spring Blooming Flowers to Add to Your Bouquets

Author: C. W.

What better way to welcome the blossoming spring than by filling spring bouquets with fresh seasonal blooms. There is such an abundance of flowers blooming in the spring that it can be splendidly overwhelming to know where to begin. Whether you are looking to bring some life to your home, brighten your desk, send a little something special to a loved one, or walk down the aisle, these are some of the most spectacular early spring blooming flowers to add to your floral bouquets this season.


Known for their heavenly fragrance and delicate blossoms, lilacs are a classic springtime bloom to add to your bouquets. Lilacs are beloved for their dusty deep purple hues, but also come in pastel pinks and brilliant whites, making them a perfect addition to most floral bouquet color palettes. These flowers are especially a treat in the spring, as they are difficult to find the rest of the year, so enjoy their down to earth beauty while they are in season!


Nothing says springtime like tulips. Coming in rainbows of colors and dynamic textures, tulips are the life we need after a long winter. Add them to your spring floral arrangements, or enjoy bountiful bundles of tulips all on their own. Either way, they are the perfect choice for your spring-inspired bouquets.

Lily of the Valley

These delicate and fairy-like flowers bring such subtle beauty and grace to any floral arrangement. With their enchanting fragrance and white bell-shaped flowers set against deep green foliage, they are truly a unique spring fresh addition to any bouquet. Add to your spring floral arrangements or enjoy as a simple yet profound arrangement all on their own.

Sweet Pea

Sweet peas are delicate and playful blossoms that almost resemble the gentle quiver of resting butterflies. They offer such a sweet simplicity and fresh romance to any arrangement. Coming in a stunning variety of colors, sweet peas can easily be added to any palette of floral bouquets.


These pastel-hued beauties add grace and dynamism to any floral arrangement. The robust spears of star shapes blossoms with divine fragrance bring freshness and vibrance to your springtime bouquets.


Few flowers offer the same burst of spring feels as freshly cut daffodils. Whether you’re choosing sunshine yellow blooms or a bi-color flower with mixes of white and buttercream hues, daffodils most certainly bring the fresh energy of spring to any home or office.


Though typically arriving later in the spring, there is still something magical about springtime garden roses. Choose fresh and springtime colors like whites, pastel pinks, and dusty peach. Roses are always a classic go-to blossom, but they truly special when the first blooms of the season make their debut appearance in spring-inspired floral bouquets.


Peonies also tend to bloom a little later in the spring, but they are symbols of the freshness of spring nonetheless. Dreamy, creamy, and opulent, peonies are the perfect blossom to add a rich and explosive dimension to your springtime bouquets.


Magnolias are some of the most majestic and memorable of the early spring blooms. These unique and luxurious flowers are one of the first to make an appearance in the spring, making them the perfect springtime jewel to add to your seasonal floral arrangements. Coming in deep pinks, purples, and whites, magnolias offer a stunning dimension to any bouquet.


One of the most beloved springtime flowers, ranunculus adds volume and grace to any floral arrangement. Coming in many different colors and pairing beautifully with a variety of flowers, ranunculus is a radiant addition to your spring floral arrangements.

While many of these flowers are available year-round, there is something truly special about welcoming the freshness and brightness of spring with floral arrangements that is not only beautiful, but also seasonal. You can explore our whole collection of springtime blooms with a delicious coffee by visiting any of our floral cafes to choose the arrangement that’s best for you.