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Flowers for your Valentine

Flowers for your Valentine

Author: Stavros F.

This is a day for you to express your love and deep feelings for your other half. On this day, you need no excuses, no pretext. Send flowers to your Valentine, now.

Step 1: Choose the arrangement. Roses are the classic Valentine flower, and red roses are the absolute symbol of passion and romance. Beware though, not all red roses are the same. At Plantshed we put extra care in selecting high quality red rose varieties, and especially at this time of the year, our experts work hard to find the best roses in the market. The size of the bloom and the quality of the flower is what really makes a difference. Freshness is also extremely important. This is why we only sell fresh-cut flowers and we offer a 7-day freshness guarantee. So, red roses are a standard component of your Valentines bouquet, but should you wish to go for different colors you have many options. You can play it safe with a classic romantic arrangement of red roses, or make a difference by selecting one of our extravagant romantic arrangements such as this one. There are several other flowers associated with love and attraction, affection or eroticism. Check out our spectacular syntheses, with have excellent suggestions for your male partner , or  your beautiful lady. Keep in mind that plantshed will hand deliver your arrangement to the recipient, along with the note or message you wish to send. The recipient will not have to assemble the flowers and put them in a vase, they are ready to be displayed and adored.

Step 2: Plan ahead. Don’t leave this to the last minute. It is not too early to schedule a delivery for Valentine’s day and you can easily do that through our website. Take your time browsing through our vast collection of bouquets, arrangements and plants, request a delivery day and time, specify the location and sleep easy… However, if it is “love at first sight” you are experiencing and you just met the love of your life, no worries. With it is never too late to arrange a delivery, we can do same day hand delivery, just give us some time to prepare your fresh arrangement and delivery it on time.

Step 3: Enjoy the fruits of your generosity, creativity and taste. There is no doubt that your loved one will be stunned by our arrangement. Very few things we know of are so spectacularly beautiful and amazingly eye-catching, as our flower arrangements. No, we mean it.  Since the love of your life receives your gift, all you have to do is to be open to the waves of love and appreciation that will come in return to your gift. You are sure to get a few more kisses. We guarantee that too.