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Best Flowers for a Mother’s Day Picnic in the Park

Best Flowers for a Mother’s Day Picnic in the Park

Author: C. W.

There are countless thoughtful ways to shower mom with love on her special day. If you typically treat her to brunch at her favorite restaurant or dinner at a swanky eatery — both of which she more than deserves — you might want to change things up a little bit this year. One great option is a peaceful picnic in the park.

Spending time with those she loves most in a beautiful environment is a great way to show her how much you care, express your gratitude for all she has done for you over the years, and treat her to a day she’ll never forget. To make it even more special, elevate the ambiance by adding a few floral accents to the festivities.

Flowers, of course, are Mother’s Day staples. Bountiful bouquets brimming with her favorite blossoms are destined to bring a smile to her face every time, while vibrant colors complement the sunshine that brightens the day. Hosting a picnic in her honor is a great excuse to treat her to her favorite flowers while also adding a few additional stems to the mix.

How to Decorate a Picnic with Flowers

You may be surprised at just how creative you can be when it comes to decorating your picnic with flowers. Of course, don’t forget to start with the obvious and pick up an arrangement of her favorites. Whether she’s a rose aficionado or loves peonies, there are many wonderful options in lovely colors that are perfect for the holiday.

If you’re doing the honors and packing a picnic lunch filled with her favorites, lucky her! She’s fortunate to have such a giving and thoughtful child who knows exactly what she wants. Adding flowers to the basket is a fun way to dress things up. You can attach one or two stems to the basket handles as a way of decorating it. Or you can include a petite bouquet inside the basket so that it’s the first thing she sees when she opens it up.

Of course, you aren’t limited to a single picnic basket. One may be filled with the tasty bites she loves, but you can easily fill another with a colorful array of flowers and treat it as a centerpiece by placing it in the middle of your blanket or table. It’s an easy way to lend your picnic a more celebratory quality. If you’re planning to serve food on wicker trays, that’s reason enough to bring along a few more flowers for the occasion. You can even pop single stems into sleek bottles and fill them with water for quick arrangements that she can easily take home when the picnic wraps up.

What about gift-giving? If the picnic is just the icing on a fabulous day that you have planned for mom, you probably have a few special presents up your sleeve. In that case, you may want to surprise her with everything during the picnic so she can truly relish every minute of this occasion that celebrates her. Adding a single flower to each package or gift bag is a fun and easy way to brighten everything up and lend it a more festive feel. You can even affix a petite flower to her Mother’s Day card envelope!

The Best Flowers to Give on Mother’s Day

Now that you’ve got a few ideas up your sleeve for your Mother’s Day picnic, it’s time to focus on the best flowers to give for the occasion. You might have something very specific in mind, especially if you know she absolutely loves a certain type of flower or simply expects you to give a certain type of bouquet every year. Nothing wrong with that, especially if it’s sure to bring a smile to her face. That’s what this is all about, after all!

But if you want to branch out and experiment with different types of blooms, you have options galore. Flowers are packed with meaning, and different colors often represent different emotions. Putting some additional thought into the sentiment behind each could yield a truly expressive bouquet that sends mom a loving message and shows her just how much she means to you.

Floral Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Santorini by Plantshed

Keep things on theme with Santorini, a bouquet that’s as bright and uplifting as the sunshine that bathes your picnic table in light. This radiant arrangement is an instant day-brightener with its engaging and textured medley of lush peonies, eye-catching succulents, and pretty roses.

Sweet Season by Plantshed

If she’s got a sweet tooth, Sweet Season is sure to make her mouth water. Not only does it boast an array of sugary sweet colors in shades of soft pink, gentle green, and yellow, but it also includes a chic glass vase she can use over and over again. If you were already planning to treat her to chocolates, why not add this pretty bouquet to sweeten the deal?

Sun Shower by Plantshed

Looking for a guaranteed way to brighten her day? Sun Shower is sure to bring smiles and instant joy! An abundance of eye-catching sunflowers add the perfect accent to your picnic setup and celebrate her special day in seasonal style.

Chelsea by Plantshed

Chelsea is the perfect arrangement for the mom who’s easily tempted by roses. This deluxe composition includes stunning roses in the richest shade of red, coupled with bold orange calla lilies and a cylinder glass vase that will serve as a lasting reminder of your love for her.

Leilani by Plantshed

Celebrating Mother’s Day is as good an excuse as any to surprise her with an orchid. Leilani is instantly appealing, with the lush blooms adding subtle elegance and enduring beauty to any space.

Mint - Apple on

For the mom who appreciates the beauty of plant life, the Mint-Apple plant makes a great option. Present this to her at the picnic so she can start making big plans for how to incorporate it into her dishes at home! A little sprig here and there makes a delicious addition to everything from beverages to desserts.

No matter what you choose to give her for a Mother’s Day picnic, you can be certain she’ll be wowed when it comes straight from your heart. Find everything you need and more for Mother's Day on