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Create Your Own Arrangement Feature Is Here!
  • March 9th, 2015
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Create Your Own Arrangement Feature Is Here!

Author: Adrianna C.

Our new Create Your Own feature is a fun and easy way to send or receive a custom made arrangement, just the way you want it. You can set your own budget and add flowers and greens accordingly, that way there are no surprises. The Create Your Own feature is interactive and allows you to be specific when choosing blooms for an arrangement, unlike the Designer's Choice option that we have on our site where you leave the decisions up to our designers. We have a wide range of flower species and colors for you to choose from as well as several options of how to design your bouquet or arrangement.


We have worked very hard to make the Create Your Own feature easy to use. You begin by browsing our menu for your favorite flowers for you or your recipient. You can click on the "Quick View" button for a brief description for each flower, as well as their meaning or most common use. Choose as many flower stems as you'd like. Your can keep it classic and simple, or make a statement with an extravagant arrangement of various blooms. There are no limits! Once you've picked out your flowers, click on the "Select Your Floral Design and Container" tab. From there you can now choose from our array of design presentations. You can choose a simple hand-wrapped bouquet without a vase, or something more extravagant like a bouquet or custom flower arrangement in a glass or ceramic vase. We offer vases in different colors, shapes, and sizes. All of these options just make it that much easier for you to fine tune your gift to perfection.


If you're feeling creative, choose the "Do-It-Yourself (DIY)" option and receive a bundle of your chosen flowers ready to be arranged by you. The flowers are sent to you farm fresh and will be ready for you to cut and arrange in whatever way you see fit. If you have extra vases around your home, business, or office, the "Do-It-Yourself" option is a great choice. You can have fun arranging your flowers and will finally be able to put that empty vase to use again. Picking up flowers from the florist is time consuming and sometimes inconvenient. We've made things easier for you, all you have to do it pick the flowers you desire.


Don't forget to add fillers and greens such as wax flower, caspia, solidaster, lemon leaf and hypericum. Once you are finished making your choices, you can put trust one of our talented floral designers to create your arrangement just the way you'd like it, and send it out to your destination with guaranteed hand delivery. So start creating now and begin a new project! See what's possible with our Create Your Own feature.