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Spring Planting: Did You Know?
  • May 11th, 2015
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Spring Planting: Did You Know?

Author: Adrianna C.

Plantshed provides you with the greatest variety of flower and plant arrangements in NYC. But did you know that we could also create your dream outdoor garden oasis? Our team here on W 96th St. will meet with you in person or chat via telephone to assess your personal needs and desires for your terrace or backyard. 

A member of our design team will visit the area you wish to makeover to provide an in-depth proposal for you. From this meeting, we will be able to get a sense of your personal style. During the consultation, we will check the amount of light the area is receiving, as certain plants fare better in specific lighting conditions. Then we will test the quality of the soil, take important measurements, and evaluate the ease of delivery and more. Plantshed does not personally set up irrigation systems and water features, but we do have a handful of trusted companies that have worked with us for a number of years that we can arrange to do so for you.

Every member of the Plantshed team is an experienced, highly trained professional with thousands of hours of experience in planting, container gardening and terrace-scapes. We do charge a small consultation fee which varies depending on a range of factors (ie: size of location, containers, plants, soil, etc.) However, if you choose to move forward with Plantshed, we will apply it to your labor and land charges.