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How to Maintain Cut Flowers

How to Maintain Cut Flowers

Author: John D.

Receiving flowers brings about such a simple joy that, with the right care, can resonate past mere days and last weeks upon weeks. Here is our guide, brought to you by Plantshed New York Flowers, about how to take your delivered flowers from days to weeks of joy.

Cutting the stems and excess: Recut the stems underwater in order for air not to hit the stem upon cutting. Be sure to cut them diagonally and not straight on. Do not use scissors as it will bend the stem and not allow water to come through. Cut any leaves that are submerged underwater to prevent rotting.

Feeding the Flowers: Here at Plant Shed, we provide care instructions and floral preservatives and plant food with our arrangements to be sure that you are able to have your fresh cut flowers for as long as possible. The preservatives we provide contain a biocide to kill bacteria, an acidifier to help stems drink water, and a sugar to nourish the blooms.

Placement & Cleaning of Your Arrangement: You should always keep your flower arrangements in a cool space and avoid drafts and hot spots. You can also harden the flowers by setting them in warm water before placing them in a cool place.(Don't place them near a window with bright sunlight or a radiator.) Use a clean vase or container and check the water level daily, if you are reusing a vase, clean it with bleach (diluted with water). Even though you may not see it, the water of your last flower arrangement may have left bacteria that could effect your new arrangement.

Alternative Methods & Practices: Using a mixture of Sugar/Soda in your vase water is a cost effective method to provide your flowers with sugar to speed up photosynthesis. Beware, however, because this can promote bacterial growth. Some florists suggest mixing 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar along with 2 tablespoons of sugar to increase the life of your flowers. Vodka is a well known ingredient to minimize bacterial growth in your flower water. Remember to replace periodically for all additives to your flower water.

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