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Dinner Party in NYC season is upon us!

Dinner Party in NYC season is upon us!

Author: Jenny Cabido

As the nights become warmer and our hearts a little lighter, we are in the mood to celebrate. We pack away our winter coats, slip in to our cocktail attire, light the candles and arrange our centerpieces on the table. I truly believe that how a person presents their table says a lot about them as a host. The proper stemware, plates, server ware and color palette can turn Sunday Dinner into a beautiful event shared with your closest friends and family.

The two major things not to forget: Wine and flowers. For floral inspiration I always turn to two places: Pinterest and Instagram. The two groups who provide the most inspiration are chic socialites (you’ll find lots of photographs of fabulous dinner parties) and Mama’s who love to throw parties for their young ones. With the former you’ll find the glamour, the latter, some super cool mason jar arrangements and tons of personality. Don’t be afraid of mixing heights, colors and vases. There are no rules for arranging floral centerpieces.

I prefer to walk to my local NYC florist, Plantshed New York Flowers, so that I can see the textures and vibrancy of the colors myself. I learned from my Mother (who loves to through a good party) that in life, one must do everything with intention. If you care, your guests will feel it. This spring, practice that mantra with me; Everything with intention. I promise your flowers will smell better, your food will be delicious and the scene, divine.