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Easter Flowers!

Easter Flowers!

Author: Stavros F.

As winter is slowly retreating and spring is showing off through the first blooming flowers and a few green leaves on trees, Easter is also coming up. This very spiritual holiday is one with a very important message, it symbolizes resurrection, rebirth and celebrates life. In a similar manner, nature is being reborn every year as dormant trees grow fresh green leaves and blooming plants burst into colorful petals. Furthermore, this is a family holiday and celebrating it with your loved ones brings everyone together in a beautiful and much needed way.Firework-blooms

Easter gifts and decorations are a must for this season, and fresh flower arrangements and indoor plants are excellent choices.  Here are some ideas for spectacular Easter gifts: 

-Our unique Rose Jar, the Vintage Beauty and Aurelia are excellent arrangements in the colors of Easter. They are handcrafted from fresh and top quality flowers by experienced and trained designers here at Plantshed. More spectacular arrangements can be found in our flowers category. has an amazing flower arrangement collection. They all constitute original designer ideas and the flowers being used are selected for quality and freshness.

-Another bright idea for Easter gifts are tulip arrangements. Tulips make classic gifts for spring and has a unique collection of fascinating tulip arrangements. Browse through our tulip collection and you are sure to be stunned by the color combinations and the attractive shapes but also, our amazing containers.

-For a long lasting gift, you can select an indoor plant. Indoor plants are great decorations for the house or office. Some, like the snake plant, the dracaenas or the aloes are also excellent air purifiers and will improve indoor air quality by cleansing the air you breathe. For a more colorful plant, chose one of the blooming plants. We suggest colorful and cute calandivas, begonias or the all-time-classic orchids! For your friend who always forgets to water the plants, a hardy cactus is the way to go…

-Last, but not least, a gift basket with a variety of treats and gifts is also a classic and beloved option.

All of the above make excellent Easter gifts. Whether you choose arrangements in the colors of the spring, or the deep red of Easter (check our rose collection) or even a long lasting and amazing indoor plant, rest assured that the recipient will be surprised and amazed. In addition, you can carefully select among our variety of flowers, or make you own arrangement and shop a decorative arrangement to be placed along with the decorated eggs and the candles on the festive dinner table.