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Father's Day Gift Guide

Father's Day Gift Guide

Author: C. W.

Celebrating dad should be a daily event, but on Father’s Day, you have a great excuse to treat him to something he can treasure for months and potentially years to come. If nothing else, gifting him a houseplant is reason enough for him to exercise his green thumb! When neckties and colognes and golf balls will no longer do, a beautiful plant certainly will. Here are a few ideas destined to make his day even more special.

Potted Plant

An indoor plant is a thoughtful gift idea that conveys a sense of warmth. They not only add a spot of color and natural beauty to any space, but they have the potential to last for years with proper care and regular attention. Dad may love the challenge of caring for a plant if it’s his first one, or he may have an indoor garden he loves to manage. Whatever the situation, you can trust that a plant will bring a smile to his face.

Even better? Many plants are natural air purifiers. They can remove many of the unwelcome contaminants that infiltrate the home, allowing him to breathe easier — all while reveling in the beauty of some fresh, day-brightening greenery.


A succulent is another option to consider this Father’s Day. Generally petite and definitely eye-catching, the enigmatic succulent is a home accessory that instantly transforms the room. If he works from home, he’ll love the way it adds a little color, texture, and personality to his office. He may even want to keep it by his bedside or in the bathroom to brighten things up a little bit.

The stylish and trendy cactus is available in countless forms. You might opt for a compact size that’s just small enough to fit comfortably on an end table, or you may prefer a more substantial planter filled with different succulents he can nurture. No matter their stature, succulents are stunning!


Small but mighty, the terrarium is a fun choice for the dad who appreciates something earthy and eye-catching. There’s no way to miss the presence of a colorful plant nestled within a colorful pill container or an open-air glass holder. They fit right into any space perfectly, whether you want to give him something for the workplace or the kitchen.

Another bonus for busy dads is that they’re incredibly easy to nurture. There’s no heavy-duty watering needed here! A little monthly moisture will typically do the job perfectly. They also perform well in areas where lighting is minimal. If he lives in a space without many windows, a terrarium is a smart alternative to a regular houseplant.

Floral Arrangement

Flowers aren’t just for her! A brilliant floral arrangement can lift spirits in an instant. Imagine the joy you’ll feel knowing just how much he loves them! If you haven’t seen dad in a while or can’t go visit him this year, sending a bouquet is an easy way for you to express your love for him and your gratitude for all that he’s done for you over the years.

There are dozens of beautiful options to consider. Send him an uplifting bouquet of sunflowers, or an exquisite arrangement of roses and other flowers. Bouquets like these look great in any space, from the entryway of his home to his office.

Home/Lifestyle Product

If you’re sure he’d appreciate something for the home, consider a lifestyle-oriented gift. Stylish decor and accents are always appropriate to give. If you know his favorite scent, for example, you can warm up his world with a soy candle or two.

Or, if he’d rather not burn fragrance, treat him to a reed diffuser. It not only fills the room with a wonderful aroma, but it also looks great. Clean lines and dark colors make them perfect for any space in the home or office.

Dad is worth the effort every day of the year, but Father’s Day is a special day to show him just how much you care. From houseplants to bouquets, there are plenty of brilliant options he’s sure to love.