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Thanksgiving: How To Decorate Creatively

Thanksgiving: How To Decorate Creatively

Author: Adrianna C.

Flowers always say it right. Thanksgiving arrangements will express your warm wishes with a message from your heart to your loved ones. Everyone knows the story of Thanksgiving, but the true meaning of our modern Thanksgiving is a gathering of family and friends and bringing something to the table. It doesn't always have to be sweet potato pie! Traditionally, flowers and fruit arrangements have been a long-standing gift to give when arriving to someone's home for Thanksgiving as decoration or as a table centerpiece. It is a wonderfully decorative way to say “thank you”. Thanksgiving is traditionally celebrated with a family dinner while common autumn flowers such as anemones, carnations, roses (in colors such as red, orange and yellow), gerbera daisies, sunflowers and dahlias highlight the center of the table. The most appropriate Thanksgiving arrangements include autumn flower baskets or a full arrangement of beautiful fall-hued blossoms presented in an unforgettable way in a glass vase.


When it comes down to decorating your own home for the festivities, there are quite a few ways you can use flowers uniquely. You may even consider choosing succulents in lieu of fresh flowers for your centerpiece. One way to achieve this unique look is by carving a hole in the middle of a white (or any color you desire) pumpkin to make room for a vase or something similar to hold your arrangement. Place one or two succulents, such as echeverrias, as they will appear fuller than other, smaller variations of succulents into the vase. Using a pumpkin or gourd as a vase is a great alternative to glass that will make quite the showing in any space. If you’re partial to the traditional look of flowers in vases, kick it up a notch with some fun DIY projects to decorate your vase. Covering the vase with birch bark for a woodsy look brings that autumn feeling to the table.


Flowers on Thanksgiving aren’t only for the center of the main table. They are also wonderful for adding little details that are sure to be noticed and loved. You can use different types of fabric for silverware holders and decorate them with a flower that compliments the color or look that you’re going for. Using dried hydrangeas or sumac to make autumn wreaths for your front door adds a welcoming touch to your home, right before your guests even step foot inside. Remember, the aim is to make your home more welcoming (colorful and fragrant too!) for guests to really envelop everyone in the season. These tips will surely make your home one to remember for years to come!



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