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Flower Feature: Peonies

Flower Feature: Peonies

Author: C. W.

The lush and wildly beautiful peony needs no introduction. Its dazzling good looks and showy petals do all the talking! These eye-catching perennials are known for their vibrant colors. They instantly transform any garden from late spring through summer, making beautiful accents for your flower beds and borders. This flower is also a wonderful addition to any home, with its day-brightening good looks and soft fragrance.

The Meaning of Peonies

Innocence is the word most often associated with this sweetly bashful blossom, but it’s truly rife with versatile meanings. The flower is symbolic of so many emotions ranging from joy to compassion. It all depends on the color that you choose to give. The Indiana state flower and Chinese native flower is at once regal and romantic, soft and subtle, elegant and enigmatic.

The fact that it captures so many emotions is what makes it worthy of giving on nearly any occasion. The vibrant yellow peony is emblematic of fresh starts, making it a wonderful surprise to give to someone who’s just received a big promotion, moved into a new home, or made a meaningful life change. The striking red peony evokes romance and passion, making it a very suitable substitute for roses. Give pink peonies to express your happiness for someone, be it an anniversary, an engagement, or a birthday. Our Santorini makes a lovely choice for any of those joyous occasions. White peonies, like those in our Precious Peonies arrangement, are perfect if you’re trying to apologize in a poignant way.

Peonies of all kinds are especially appropriate to give on 12th wedding anniversaries. Some even link the flower with improved health, making it a lovely choice to give as a get-well-soon surprise to someone who needs a boost.

How to Care for Peonies

Begin by snipping off at least half an inch to an inch from each stem, making sure to cut at an angle so that the flower can more easily drink up water and nutrients. Always ensure that your flowers are placed in a clean vase with fresh water at room temperature. Peonies tend to soak up moisture quite quickly, so you’ll need to keep a close eye on the vase to ensure there’s always enough water. Remember to keep the vase clean and refill it regularly to keep your peonies as happy and healthy as possible.

Each time you go to fill up the vase, snip another half-inch or so from the base of the stems. Take a look at the flowers in their entirety, too. Are there any lingering leaves that seem to wilt or dip into the water? Those should be removed promptly to prevent bacteria and contaminants from impacting the health of your floral arrangement.

Detaching leaves has another benefit, too: it encourages the peonies to open up even more quickly, so your bouquet will bloom in all its glory. Another way to help them along is to keep the arrangement in a warmer space. Just avoid placing it by a window, where the path of direct sunlight could cause scorching and premature failure. Opt for bright, indirect light to ensure that your peonies look their best.