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Flower Feature: The Rose

Flower Feature: The Rose

Author: C. W.

It’s only fitting that one of the world’s most beautiful and meaningful flowers has its own month! June signifies the start of summer — and it also happens to celebrate the humble rose in all its magnificent glory. In honor of National Rose Month, we’re shining the spotlight on the beautiful bloom that needs no introduction. Here’s a little peek at what makes the rose so meaningful.

In the Beginning

Fossils have revealed that roses are likely some 35 million years old. That they’ve been around for so long is a testament to their incredible beauty — and their versatility. There are at least 150 species of the plant, and it’s thought that its earliest cultivation occurred in China over 5,000 years ago. It grew in popularity during the reign of the Ottoman Empire and was habitually grown throughout the Middle East. The rose was more than just a vibrant garden accent; it was used to create confetti for special occasions, develop headily scented perfumes, and even formulate medications.

The Earliest Accounts

Most know it as the perfect flower to express your love to a significant other on Valentine’s Day or to show gratitude to mom on Mother’s Day. But the rose has a history far richer and deeper than meets the eye. Greek lore tells the tale of the goddess of beauty, Aphrodite, who is thought to have named the rose after her son, Eros, simply by rearranging a single letter. She presented him with the flower, and he, it is said, gave it to the god of silence, Harpocrates, in the hopes that the latter wouldn’t reveal the rash behaviors, weaknesses, and indiscretions of the gods.

True Rose Fragrance

At a glance, the rose is simply a stunning flower. It’s celebrated as much for its wonderful fragrance as it is for its appearance! It’s said that Cleopatra wooed Marc Anthony by smothering a room with rose petals! Indeed, the fragrance is surprisingly complex, with different compounds and notes that contribute to its depth. Genuine rose oils derived from Asia and the Middle East are extracted directly from the petals. While it’s found in millions of fragrances, the oil also serves a medicinal purpose. It may help soothe irritated skin, relieve stress, and even assist with digestion.

See the Rainbow

It’s impossible to resist the beauty of the rose! In so many colors, each offers its own special significance and deep meaning. What do they all mean? Consider this handy guide as you seek the perfect rose to give for any special occasion:

  • Red: The splendor of the red rose is undeniable. It’s symbolic of passion, romance, and deep, undying love. It’s perfect to give to someone special, be it a soul mate, a parent, a dear friend, or anyone who deserves to be appreciated for all they bring to your life.

  • White: Pure and innocent, the white rose symbolizes the start of something new and momentous. Give this to someone to wish them well in the future, show your respect and pride in an achievement, or simply to let them know you care for them.

  • Green: The color of luck and good fortune, green exudes a sense of optimism. It’s the ideal choice for a meaningful occasion, such as the addition of a new baby or recovery following an illness.

  • Pink: Pink is a sweet and innocent tone. In this shade, the rose sends a message of love, adoration, and reliability. It’s the bloom you might present to the caring friend who helped you out of a jam, or to the kind neighbor who watches over your pet.

  • Orange: Some roses are lively! Orange is a zesty sort of hue that embodies a sense of excitement, passion, and energy. It’s the bold flower you might give to the quirky life of the party, or to brighten up someone’s day with something just a little different.

  • Yellow: What better than the sunshine shade to symbolize friendship? This naturally radiant tone lends your roses an upbeat vibe! Give it to a friend who’s always been there for you and never lets you down.

  • Blue: There’s a sense of mystery about the rarer blue rose. It’s deep and enigmatic, with a coolly passionate vibe about it. It’s emblematic of desire — a way to show someone you’re interested without the full-on intensity of red.

  • Lavender: The regality of lavender is undeniable. It’s an upscale color that evokes a sense of pride and majesty. While it’s a traditional springtime shade, it’s a lovely choice to give to anyone you love and respect.

What message do you want to convey with your roses? Perfect for anyone in your life, the rose is a beautiful flower that is sure to delight at first sight!