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Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!

Author: Stavros F.

Show that you love and care for this special person by sending a fabulous flower arrangement as a birthday gift. Another year of life, another year of friendship, romance, or love. This time you have to make a special gift, and you know it. Make your presence known by sending something that will be so spectacular and stunning that will be remembered. At we specialize in creating unique flower arrangements using the freshest and highest quality flowers. Our trained and experienced staff creates real masterpieces using combinations of greens and colorful blossoms. It is true, every flower arrangement is unique; but our collection you can find much more than the typical bouquet. 

Imagining and conceiving the design and which flowers should be used is an art in itself. However, consider the process of selecting an arrangement for a loved-one, an art too. Think of who is having his/her birthday, what is their age, what is the relationship between the two of you, and try to imagine what would be impressive to them. Think of the flowers’ symbolism, the colors and the shapes. The size of the arrangement, and even the type and style of the container are very important. Many of plantshed’s arrangements have uniquely beautiful and elegant containers. Don’t overlook the vase. Our designers carefully select the container in order to match the colors and style of the flowers. Express yourself through selecting an arrangement, or create your own. has a fascinating online feature through which you can create your own arrangement.


Our flowers are the freshest in NYC and they last for days, but cut flowers are always ephemeral. This is one of the things that makes flowers so special as a birthday gift, they don’t last forever, that’s why they are so precious. After all, if you want you gift to stay for long, until next year, and even more, there is a solution we can offer: a blooming plant. Orchids, cyclamens, kalanchoes, bromeliads are amongst the most popular. A blooming plant is also a great birthday gift. Plants may require some care, depending on the species and may bloom over and over again acting as a reminder of the one who sent the gift.

No matter the Birthday gift you choose, whether a flower or a blooming plant, remember that hand-delivers plants and flowers. This means that we know how to deliver a gift; our arrangements don’t need to be assembled, they are already in their vase and ready for display. Our flowers are not delivered in ugly boxes; instead they are carefully arranged in their vase which is filled with water to sustain them. The recipient will open his door and receive the spectacular gift along with your wishes for a happy birthday.

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