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Holiday Wreaths: Make Your First Impression At The Front Door

Holiday Wreaths: Make Your First Impression At The Front Door

Author: Adrianna C.


This holiday season, whether you are having an intimate dinner or a festive family affair, all of your guests will be arriving through your front door. Use this as an opportunity to “wow” them from the very start and welcome your guests with a gorgeous wreath that showcases your favorite blooms and/or natural materials. How you want to greet your guests and what you want to reveal about yourself will lead you to the type of wreath you want to create.


There are many variations in sizes and shapes of wreath forms. The most popular for flowers and other natural materials are Styrofoam, Oasis wet foam wreaths and box wired wreath forms. A custom made wreath will not look stunning and unique, but wreaths made with certain materials and flowers will also perfume the air around them. Pine boughs, ivy, eucalyptus sprays, box hedge stems and ferns are just a few kinds of fresh greenery you can use to make wreaths. One of the most helpful tips to consider when it comes to making your own wreath is to work on a table when preparing your wreath form and later to hang it up to add the decorations and final touches to make sure everything is symmetrical and to your liking.


If you are the type that likes to keep things a bit more conventional may opt for a timeless fir and holly wreath with a classic red ribbon. To put a unique spin on it, use decorative ribbon to hang two or three wreaths together so they cascade down your front door. For a bolder look, go for red. Not only is it the number one color of the holiday season, but also it is a striking, festive color and will be sure to make quite the statement. A full red carnation wreath will last about a week or two outdoors, in a climate that isn’t too cold. Soak a few dozen carnations’ stems in floral food and push them into a 12-inch floral-foam wreath form with a plastic backing. Using a more neutral color palette will have your wreath blending in with the rest of the great outdoors. Cover your wreath core with sphagnum moss and add two to four succulents of various sizes clustered in one of the bottom corners for a cool asymmetrical look. Sempervivum or echeverria work well for this project due to their color and shape.


Whether you like traditional, or prefer to make a unique impression on everyone visiting your home, any of these wreaths are sure to impress this holiday season!



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