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How to Choose Flowers for Rosh Hashanah

How to Choose Flowers for Rosh Hashanah

Author: C. W.

Rosh Hashanah, the celebration of the Jewish New Year, is a festive occasion for loved ones to gather and share in the beauty and tradition of the holiday. It begins at sundown on Friday, September 18, and continues until nightfall on Sunday, September 20.

During this period, friends and family revel in the spirit of the moment. Candles are lit, hearty meals are consumed, sweets are prepared, and prayer services are held. The ram’s horn, or shofar, is blown after the Torah is read during the first service of the day. As participants look ahead to the new year and bid farewell to the past, they celebrate the birth of a new beginning. Flowers play a significant role in these memorable festivities.

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Flowers of Purity

In this spirit, it’s common for families to decorate their homes with great enthusiasm. The tables are beautifully arranged with white tablecloths, white linens, and white dishware. Some even dress in all-white attire to complement the setting. Why white? It’s symbolic of purity, positivity, mercy, clarity, and renewal. And in honor of welcoming a new year, it’s emblematic of a fresh start — of the endless possibilities, the clean canvas everyone has before them. Now is the time to realize those goals and make those dreams a reality.

It’s customary to both give and purchase flowers for Rosh Hashanah. Although there are many options for the holiday, white is easily the most common option. A centerpiece composed of white roses makes a wonderful addition to the family dining table. If you’re invited to a Rosh Hashanah gathering, a thoughtfully designed arrangement that incorporates white in some significant way is always appropriate.

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The Fall Connection

While white is the customary color of the holiday, you aren’t limited to that alone. If you’re inspired by the warmth and rich tones of the season, by all means, make those a key part of your chosen flower arrangement. Look for something that incorporates notes of peach, apricot, orange, yellow, purple, maroon — or even all of the above, if you’re feeling a little adventurous. There’s no better excuse to take advantage of fall’s immense beauty, and there are many stunning bouquets available that convey the wonder of both the holiday and the season.

Additionally, contrasting colors add a bit of brightness and cheer to an all-white table setting. It can brighten the entry of the home and warm up the entire living space with a sense of cozy comfort. Something that includes both the classic white and a few other shades is always ideal for the holiday, too.

Don’t be afraid to branch out and experiment with styles. Something that looks more summery or even wintery can indeed have a place in the home during Rosh Hashanah. It’s all about selecting an arrangement that befits the moment. If you love the way that festive red lilies breathe life to the table, there’s no reason not to make it a core part of the festivities. If you can’t resist the beauty of an exuberant, spring-fresh bouquet incorporating light shades of pink and orange, invite some of that wonderful freshness into the home for Rosh Hashanah. This is a period of growth and new beginnings. In that positive spirit, it’s absolutely worth presenting a hostess with something colorful. What better way to thank them for the invite?

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An Ornate Centerpiece

Centerpieces are the stuff of a holiday decorator’s dreams. If you love designing elaborate tablescapes in the days leading up to a festive occasion, then you won’t be able to resist adding one to your Rosh Hashanah setup. Given that a key part of the holiday celebrations revolves around enjoying delicious food and drink, it only makes sense that so much attention is given to creating a beautiful tablescape.

What goes into creating a particularly memorable centerpiece? A little bit of creativity is always welcome! On a smaller table, something that’s less substantial and that won’t occupy too much space is key. A few white roses nestled in a glass jar draw the eye inward, especially when you add one or two colorful accents for some contrast. On a larger table, however, don’t be afraid to be a bit adventurous where both size and color combinations are concerned.

Blue is a bright, energetic color that brims with character. It’s also symbolic of divinity and peace, making it a particularly appropriate color to include in your centerpiece, either alone or paired with white for a striking look.

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The Right Flowers

Roses in shades of white and blue are completely appropriate — and so fitting! — for Rosh Hashanah. But you aren’t limited where your flower choices are concerned. Consider giving an elegant orchid. It’s a vivid flower emblematic of positivity and energy. For celebrating a new year, there’s almost nothing better suited.

In the same vein, the ever-popular and lush hydrangea makes an equally fitting choice for the holiday. It’s available in a wide array of colors that will easily complement any home, from blue and purple to white and pink. Its most beguiling feature is its thick silhouette. The flower is often considered the ultimate expression of gratitude and sincerity, making it a thoughtful option to give your hostess if you’re invited to someone’s home.

Even the sunflower fits nicely into your Rosh Hashanah festivities. What’s this traditionally warm-weather flower doing on a fall holiday tablescape? Sunflowers are versatile enough to complement your autumn celebrations with ease! They’re large and uplifting, with vibrant yellow petals and a deep center that call immediate attention their way. Use them to bring your table décor to life, or place them at the entrance to the home as a cheerful way of greeting visitors during the festive period. Sure, there’s a certain summery quality about them, but the beautiful shades of gold and brown resonate with the change of season just as nicely.

Whether you’re giving a gift or decorating your home, don’t be afraid to branch out and play with different shades. This is a time of pure joy and hope, and colors introduce some of that wonderful spirit into the home. With both crisp white and a few fall shades in play, you’ll love the way they both contribute to the sacred meaning of the holiday.