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Introducing Instant Jungle Bundles
  • March 29th, 2020
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Introducing Instant Jungle Bundles

Author: C. W.

There have been countless studies supporting the benefits of adding plant life to your home. Not only are plants easy on the eyes — who doesn’t love something bright and beautiful in the corner of the home office? — but they can also ease stress, lift spirits, and liven up your space just enough to make working from home and spending quality time indoors an absolute joy.

Simply put: Bringing the beauty of the outside world into your home can transform both your outlook and your environment. That’s why we created a carefully curated collection of what we like to call Instant Jungle Bundles. These mystery groupings contain several beautiful, fresh plants that will instantly lift your mood and give you reason enough to give your green thumb a good workout, even in the comfort of your own home.

It’s easy: choose the specific bundle size you want, select your preferred lighting conditions, and pick from either a terracotta or a growers pot. You’ll also receive thorough care and maintenance instructions to ensure that your plant thrives. Creating an indoor oasis that resonates with your love of mother nature and puts a fresh spin on your interior design scheme is one of the easiest ways to refresh absolutely everything, from your mind to your décor! Take a peek at these beauties.

Instant Jungle Starter

We’re here to make sure you get more green for your green! When you kick things off with our Instant Jungle Starter, you’ll receive a hand-selected plant that meets your lighting needs in your choice of either six or 10 inches. Finish by choosing a pot that you love — there are great colors, patterns, and textures to add character to your home, and they provide a great contrast to the plants.

Instant Jungle Bundle — Piccolo

What’s cute, small, and four inches tall? Meet Piccolo! Snag this bundle if you love the idea of tending to an assortment of petite plants. This bundle includes three plants that measure no more than four inches each. These beauties may be miniature, but they promise to wow at first sight, what with their lush baby leaves and deep colors. Set them in the appropriate lighting and they’ll easily breathe new life into your living space.

Instant Jungle Bundle — Medio

For a slightly larger option, choose Medio. This set contains three six-inch plants that thrive in either low, indirect, or bright lighting conditions. They’re sized just right and will easily make a statement no matter where they’re positioned — on your desk, on the windowsill, or in the kitchen or family room. Place them all together or keep them in different parts of the house to introduce a touch of subtle greenery to different spaces.

Instant Jungle Bundle — Grande

Prefer something larger and more impactful? Get acquainted with our Grande bundle! You’ll receive a pair of assorted large plants that measure at least eight inches tall. Dramatic colors and stunning foliage are sure to delight — and they’re the perfect pieces to add to your instant jungle at home. If you’ve got a few petite partners already, then these larger and more prominent greens are the perfect addition to the mix!

Instant Jungle Bundle — X-Grande

Making a grand statement is no trouble at all for X-Grande. Our largest mystery bundle is the type of treat that’s impossible to resist if you love the idea of truly bringing the outdoors in and transforming your home into an escape from the world. Natural beauty is always irresistible — and this pairing includes two extra-large plants that grow best in either low, indirect, or bright lighting. They measure 10 inches tall, and they’re sure to make the boldest statement of all.

Instant Jungle Bundle — Variety

If you can’t decide on a size, don’t worry — there’s an Instant Jungle Bundle for that! Our Variety set is just the right choice for mixing things up and lending your home some seriously accurate jungle vibes. You’ll receive plants in four-inch, six-inch, and eight-inch sizes, making it easy to get your home oasis started on the right note. You don’t have to commit to a size; all you have to do is choose your preferred lighting! And because it’s all discounted, you can enjoy a sampling of the best of the best without breaking the bank.

Instant Jungle Bundle — Succulents

Succulents are recognizable at a glance. With their robust, fleshy leaves and unique look, they instantly infuse any room in your home with character and earthy beauty. So naturally, we had to put together an Instant Jungle Bundle committed specifically to them. When you choose the Succulents option, you’ll receive a whopping five assorted succulents in a number of different sizes and styles. This eye-catching plant is symbolic of so many traits, from love and good fortune to wealth and prosperity. You never know what you’re going to get!

As you’re planning your indoor oasis, make sure you select plants based on the lighting that’s available to you. While you can dot them around your living space, it’s always nice to group them together and develop a real “jungle” of sorts that has a more powerful effect on the space. Even a single plant can make all the difference to the tone and character of a room — just imagine the impact of several at once!

You can also dedicate a space specifically to your indoor garden. You might want to use a sparsely crowded bookshelf, for example, so that the items already on the shelves don’t compete with the plants. Or you can affix some free-standing shelves to your walls and create a garden wall that’s strictly designed for your plants to thrive. Of course, you need to make sure that the lighting is just right depending on what you plan to put there. A large plant, however, looks great in the corner of the room as an accent piece.

Who can benefit from an indoor oasis filled with lush plants? Anyone with an appreciation for the great outdoors! There’s nothing like filling your home with some green — without spending too much green, of course. Our delightful Instant Jungle Bundles will please novices and experienced plant enthusiasts alike!