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Landscaping and Gardening by Plant Shed

Landscaping and Gardening by Plant Shed

Author: John De Guzman

Plantshed’s design and implementation of container gardens not only create peaceful environments above the city bustle, they also help to lower urban air temperature and follow the growing trend of environmentalism. Recently, our team visited a terrace apartment on the Upper West Side. We have worked with this customer for many years. Plantshed has helped him in creating a container garden to match his vision: to create a zen space with elements of a Japanese garden.

Small, but effective touches such as these miniature figurines nestled between

sedum make this garden all the more captivating.

Japanese gardens are typically very intimate spaces with a main focus on the

combination of green plants, water and rocks.

This photogenic container garden is just one of many that our team has worked on in NYC. When it comes to our landscaping and gardening, Plantshed’s goal is to bring our client’s vision for their garden oasis to life. We love returning to properties year after year to see any progress and new additions. If you would like more information on having something similar work done at apartment or property, please contact us at or 2126624400.