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Vacation Destination-inspired Florals for Mom

Vacation Destination-inspired Florals for Mom

Author: J.R.

Mother’s Day is a time of celebration. Mom is center stage and everyone showers her with love. And by mother, we mean any female figure in our lives who has helped us along our way. Sometimes this is an aunt, a grandmother, a cousin, a sister, or a friend. Always this is a woman who we look up to and admire. Showing gratitude for her selfless love is part of paying her back—and she will no doubt appreciate it!

But let’s all admit it. Motherhood can be hard at times and the Mom-figures in our lives need a break. Sometimes they just need a little R and R, far, far away from their responsibilities (if possible). This year, PlantShed has created a line of floral arrangements inspired by the theme “Vacation Destinations: If You Could Take Mom Anywhere”

Check them out below—but be warned. She’ll think it’s a fun idea too!


Take Mom through the winding roads and patchwork hills of the breathtaking countryside of England. Connect with nature and history as you travel on foot through the quaint market towns that are straight out of a fairy tale.

Inspired by the natural, relaxed beauty of the English countryside, this floral creation features dark pink roses, peonies, and lilac in a speckled cream ceramic vase.

image via: worldation

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Mom will love the sense of adventure as she’s snorkeling in the clear blue waters of Seychelles. Located near Madagascar in the Indian Ocean, this island would be a trip she’d never forget!

Inspired by the colors and textures of the tropics, this floral creation features proteas, roses, hydrangeas, and hyacinths in a gray-green textured glass vase.

image via: traveltriangle


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You won’t have to ask Mom twice if she’d like to go to southern France. Provence is a picturesque region known for its rich history and lovely lavender fields.

We imagined a dinner party on a terrace overlooking an ancient city when we created this arrangement of roses in a white ceramic vase.

image via: b-europe

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Mom may not want to leave Barcelona, Spain. The charming streets of the Gothic Quarter and the enchanting Gaudi architecture will likely leave her thinking about how to extend the trip!

This gorgeous floral creation of pink and red roses was inspired by the idea of a late night sipping sangria in the lively streets of Barcelona.

image via: travel and leisure

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Mom will appreciate taking it slow in the laid-back island culture of French Polynesia. A collection of over 100 small islands in the South Pacific, this destination will be one she’ll always remember!

Inspired by the colors and textures of the tropics, this floral creation features birds of paradise and pincushion proteas.

image via matadornetwork

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