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The most wonderful time of the year...

The most wonderful time of the year...

Author: Jenny Cabido

I believe that Mother's Day is the most special holiday of the year. There isn't a single day in the lifetime of a mother that she isn't thinking or worrying about her children. The reason this holiday is so dear is that it gives all generations of children time to pause and reflect on and cherish their mothers, grandmothers and even those sometimes dreaded mother-in-laws, as they did raise the life partners we chose, after all. Mother's Day is a day of appeciation. It is for us to show respect, love, and admiration to the women in our lives who have helped raise and shape us. Let Plant Shed help in making this Mother's Day incredibly special.

This year, instead of just buying a gift or cut flowers, give your Mom what she really wants: your time! come down to Plant Shed and work with one of our beloved gardeners on the perfect seeds or potted plants and dig a garden with your Mama. Plant a seed that she will be able to admire for the seasons to come. There is no more special time for a mom than one-on-one time with her children, free of phones, TVs and other distractions. Even if you reside in the concrete jungle that is New York City, there are many fabulous ways to grow window green spaces and herb gardens in your kitchen. We may even be able to assist in you growing your very own "family" tree in NYC. Years from now, people will be picnicking under something that was once a special Mother's Day gesture made by you. As for you, you can embrace the one holiday which Hallmark has not been able to conquer, where deep pockets mean far less than deep sincerity.

This Mother's Day, remember all your mother has given up for you, all she does each and every day, embrace each wrinkle and gray hair she has earned on your behalf and shower her with the one gift that truly keeps on giving--love.
As for the dads, I will let you in on a little secret- what your wife and mother of your children really want from to sleep in! Spare us brunch and handbags, and give us 11AM in bed. ;) Please!!