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Delivery in a New York Minute!

Delivery in a New York Minute!

Author: Jenny Cabido

Living in Manhattan one begins to expect things, such as delivery anytime, anywhere, no matter what you fancy. Sweet tooth aching at 3 am? No problem, call insomnia cookies! Having a little trist and need to fuel the fun? Have your downstairs bodega bring up a bottle of wine, condoms, and some Advil for the morning after. It’s no wonder that once a person lives in New York, they cannot fathom any other place.

My husband and I made the dreadful mistake of moving to LA for a short while, where your delivery options were dominos and pizza hut, your wait time was 2.5 hours, and 98% of the time, your order came incorrect. Never mind the delivery fee of 20$!
I found myself often channeling Veruca Salt from Willy Wonka - “But I want it nowwwwwww!!!!”
It didn’t take long for us to hit the Oregon trail back to NYC where even the rats eat in style.

Another fabulous quality of New York is being able to call your local florist, place an order, and have it delivered by 2 pm. No need to haggle with the guys from Quebec lined up outside of your whole foods for a Christmas tree, no point in wreaking havoc on your brain over what gift to buy your office mate, or being forced to buy your dear mother deli flowers that will surely disappoint. You can dial 7 numbers, speak to a fabulous expert, mumble unintelligible words about what you would like (i.e. ummm you know the tall purple flower and the really good smelling one and umm no red). And the professional will know just what you’re speaking of, relay it to the floral artist and voila! At your door in a few hours, pain and embarrassment free.

New York City, where we may be too rushed to be polite, but that’s only because we’re busy getting our customers the best life has to offer delivered to their door in an hour or less, by train, bus or bicycle.