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Orchids: Care and Decor

Orchids: Care and Decor

Author: Adrianna C.

There are numerous varieties of the orchid plant, but the most popular varieties found in retail stores and homes include the cymbidium, dendrobium and phalaenopsis orchids. When purchasing orchids, you should always be sure to ask for the proper watering instructions due to the fact that not all orchids are to be treated the same way. For example, the cymbidium orchid is to be kept evenly moist (not soggy or wet) at all times. The dendrobium is to be kept evenly moist during active growth and allowed to dry out between watering when not. Our most popular orchid variety, the phalaenopsis, is to be kept nearly dry between watering.

In order to promote growth and flowering, you should be sure to use orchid fertilizers once a month. Any less or more can inhibit the flowering of the orchid. For those orchids that require higher light intensities, such as dendrobiums, think about placing them in a south or west-facing window. Phalaenopsis, however, should be located further away from the window or placed in a window facing east or north.

Orchids make for wonderful home decor. There are many ways to decorate with orchids in your home aside from having your standard pot sitting near a window. They generally appreciate high humidity, so they are a solid choice for a bathroom counter or even near the kitchen sink. Thinking about how to display your orchid in a more non-conventional way? One creative idea is to use a candleholder. Mount it on a wall and substitute your orchid for a candle.

Another reason that orchids are fantastic for decorating is the fact that there are a wide variety of colors within the orchid species. This makes it much easier to match the plant to your general décor. Sometimes even just a change of container is what will make your orchid stand out. You can switch out the traditional round terracotta pot for a rectangular colored glass vase to add some character to your living space.  

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Photo Credit: Better Homes and Gardens and Pinterest