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Your Guide to Pet Friendly Plants!

Your Guide to Pet Friendly Plants!

Author: C.W.

You love your pets, their quirks, and their many gifts—the way they bound from room to room with overzealous joy, the way they scamper to meet you as soon as you open the door, and the way they simply bring endless happiness to your life.

But you also happen to love houseplants. Homeowners are right to be concerned about the possibility of their fur babies coming into contact with potentially toxic greenery. Yes, cats and dogs might enjoy chewing on those leaves, but you don’t have to give up on the idea completely if you want to brighten up your home with something leafy and gorgeous.

In fact, houseplants can be downright helpful to both you and your pets. Not only are they aesthetically appealing, but they can also regulate humidity levels and minimize dust content. Practice safe pet-and-plant love by following a few basic guidelines and avoiding common toxic plants.

Spider Plant

Spider Plant - Medio by Plantshed

The spider plant is a vibrant tropical popular among homeowners for its ability to tolerate low-light conditions. But more importantly for pet parents, they’re non-toxic to animals. If you want to prevent your furry friends from chewing on the leaves, there’s a simple trick: just hang it up in an area that’s a little bit out of reach. Cats, of course, can seemingly reach everything—and because the spider plant is ever so slightly hallucinogenic, felines are even more drawn to it. You might want to avoid if you have a kitty or keep it in an area where they don’t tend to venture. Find yours right here!


Marble Peperomia in Medium Verge Cube by Plantshed

Robust leaves lend peperomia plenty of character. Variegated colors give them serious character—you and your pets alike will love the way the leaves range from gray to red to purple. This succulent is also known as a baby rubber plant, earning its quirky nickname for its fleshy leaves. Don’t worry if your beloved pet gets his or her paws on this looker—the leaves are stable enough to handle a little playful patting and batting! You can add this beauty to your home today.

Neanthe Bella Palm

Neanthe Bella Palm - Medio by Plantshed

Not only is the divine Neanthe Bella Palm safe for your cats and dogs, but it also happens to be perfectly easy to maintain. In fact, it happens to be a lovely beginner’s plant—the type of foliage that brightens up your space without the need for excessive sunshine. More importantly for pet parents, however, is the fact that your furry friends can gently nibble on it without any worry. That’s pretty important, considering this plant tends to do its best work in indoor lighting in spaces where your pets are very likely to come across them often. Snag one for yourself here.

Bird’s Nest Fern

Bird's Nest Fern - Medio by Plantshed

It’s difficult to resist the beauty of the beloved bird’s nest fern. It’s a tropical delight, what with its curling fronds that boast a hint of a crinkled effect. Though these plants require a touch of TLC, you don’t have to worry if you’re too busy playing with your fur baby—you’ll still have plenty of time to devote to this eye-catching beauty even if you feel like it’s not enough. It’s among the most popular low-light, pet-friendly plants out there! You’ll find a beautiful one right here.


Haworthia in Large Mateo Pot by Plantshed

Succulents add resplendent beauty to your space, whether you’ve gone perched on your office desk or lined in a row on the kitchen window sill. Our mini Haworthia succulent is a fantastic choice for those who love the look of aloe but don’t want to deal with the hassle and general unfriendliness of that plant where their pets are concerned. This stunner, by contrast, grows nice and low, handles bright lighting well, and is non-toxic to your sweet pets. Find yours right here.