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Pet Friendly Plants and Flowers

Pet Friendly Plants and Flowers

Author: John D.

Summer has arrived in full force which means more time spent outdoors with our pets! Here at Plantshed New York Flowers, we are huge animal lovers, and as your floral aficionados, we have put together a list of pet friendly plants & flowers and how to care and maintain a pet friendly garden.

Animal experts state that your pets will instinctively eat foliage not because they’re hungry, but rather for their natural medicinal benefits. Like you and I, however, our pets have a difficult time seeing the distinction between helpful and harmful plants; what may look like a scrumptious mid-afternoon snack could turn out to be a late night stomach ache, or worse. So whether you have a large and expansive backyard for your pups to roam, or just enough room for a tiny planter in your New York City apartment, here are some plants, herbs, and flowers that we can assure you are safe for your pets to consume.

1) Milk thistle is a low maintenance flower that is good for liver disorders. It can be kept in the sun in wet or dry soil.

2) Rose hips are rich in vitamin C, and, when eaten by dogs, can help prevent urinary tract infections.

3) Peppermint is another low maintenance addition you can add to your pet garden. Peppermint is known to help with both nausea and indigestion. Keep this herb in either sun or shade and place it in moist soil.

4) Another herb you can grow is Astragalus. Place Astragalus seeds in sandy soil to plant. It is an herb that is known for lowering blood pressure, decreasing  blood sugar, and it improves digestion.

5) Burdock is an outdoor plant that is useful in treating allergies, as well as, aiding in digestive and kidney issues. Let this plant grow in rich soil.


6) Rosemary provides a boost to your pet’s immune system. Be careful though, it may be prone to root rot if it is over watered and must be trimmed regularly. Additionally, Rosemary, Eucalyptus and fleawort can be dried and can be used to line your dog’s bed or dog house and work as a flea and tick repellant. 

So that’s our break down of pet friendly plants and flowers. We hope you enjoy your new garden as much as your pup likes to eat it up. As with anything involving your pet, please consult your veterinarian before taking on such a project. Good luck, and happy gardening! Stop by our Upper West Side Location at 209 West 96th Street to pick out your summer planting garden, or check out our Online flower shop at for your summer planting needs.