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Phalaenopsis Orchids

Phalaenopsis Orchids

Author: Adrianna Casiano

The graceful orchid  represents love, luxury, beauty and strength. Phalaenopsis orchids are one of the most sought after and highly gifted blooming plants . They are one of the easiest plants to maintain and if cared for properly, will sustain beautiful blooms for a few months. When the blooms are finished, you can cut the spike down to the level of the leaves and the plant will bloom with larger flowers and a strong stem within a year.

In order to promote growth and flowering, you should be sure to use orchid fertilizers once a month. Any less or more can inhibit the flowering of the orchid. Phalaenopsis should be located further away from the window or placed in a window facing east or north. The foliage should be medium green color, indicating the orchid is getting enough light to flower. If they are darker it means the plant is not getting enough light; red tinted leaves mean the plant is getting too much light.

When purchasing orchids, you should always be sure to ask for the proper watering instructions due to the fact that not all orchids are to be treated the same way. The phalaenopsis, is to be kept nearly dry between watering. When you are watering your orchid, use tepid water and be sure to let the plant drain completely.

There are many ways to decorate with orchids in your home aside from the standard glass or terracotta pot. Orchids generally appreciate high humidity, so they are a solid choice for a bathroom counter or even near the kitchen sink. With orchids you can use any type of container since it does not need to hold water. Just make sure to add rocks towards the bottom so the water is properly drained. Otherwise, you may risk your plant getting root rot. You can use raffia, moss and bamboo sticks to tie up the stems of your orchid instead of the plastic plant clips that are provided to you. If you are repotting your orchid, you can use sphagnum moss or bark and river rock from your local florist or craft store.  All orchids potted in a typical bark medium need to be repotted every 18 to 24 months, depending on the needs of the individual plant. Too much water prevents air from reaching the roots of your orchid. If you plant your orchid with moss, it is possible that it can retain too much water for the plant to survive. It allows molds to build-up in the root system and kills it slowly over time, so remember this when repotting your orchids.

Many modern brides use phalaenopsis orchids in their bouquets, centerpieces and general wedding décor. White orchids paired with a striking green flower, such as Bells of Ireland, make a simple but elegant statement at a wedding or even dinner party.  

Phalaenopsis orchids are perfect for gifting, beautiful low maintenance plants that will make a statement wherever they are placed. They give any room or office a sophisticated vibe. You can shop all orchid plants HERE .