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Flower Arrangement Photo Story

Flower Arrangement Photo Story

Author: John De Guzman

Follow along on the journey! See your flower arrangements from start to finish, from being hand crafted to being hand delivered in photos.


Everything that we create at PlantShed begins with you! Once you place your order, whether online, through the phone, or at our upper west side location in NYC, our team will review your special instructions and take your specifications very seriously. We believe that what you see is exactly what you will receive. See all our flower arrangements >>


Our floral designers will begin hand crafting your arrangement once our customer service team has processed all of your order details.

At PlantShed, we partner with local and international flower farms in order to bring you the freshest and most unique flower displays for your choosing. Shop our flowers >>

PlantShed carries a vast collection of hydrangea arrangements. They are long lasting flowers that are perfect for any occasion. Shop Hydrangeas >>


 It is our goal for each and every order that we recieve to not only satisfy our customers, but to exceed their expectations. Perfection is what we strive for because that is what our customers deserve. We offer a 7 day freshness guarantee for all our orders. If you receive flowers that are not perfect, we will replace them right away, at no extra charge.



PlantShed has a wide variety of orchid arrangements available in many sizes, stems, and colors. Starting at just $55, you can't go wrong with our orchid displays. Shop Orchids >>



Time for a break! Our design takes a step back to assess the flower arrangement and to make sure all the stems and flowers are displayed cohesively and beautifully.



Our designers have years of experience combined with innate creativity. We take great care for our arrangements because they are a reflection of PlantShed. Need help choosing an arrangement but don't know which route to take? Try calling us at 1 (212) 662-4400, email our customer service team at, or shop our designer's choice arrangement where you let our designer use their best judgement to create a breathtaking flower display for you.



Always effective. Our rose arrangements range from simple to elegant, and everywhere in-between. Simple, fresh, quality for rose lovers and rose givers alike. prides itself on offering the freshest roses in the greater NYC area. Shop our roses >>


 Wow, what an extravagant flower display. From its simple beginning as a piece of paper to a fully hand crafted flower arrangement. Shop our extravagant collection >>



Since our humble beginning over 30 years ago, we have guaranteed same day hand delivery service for all of NYC. We believe taking extreme care of your flowers all the way to your door or recipient's location. We are proud to offer free delivery in Manhattan for orders over $100.



What we strive for everyday is to bring our customers happiness and satisfaction. Our personal mott is "What you see is what you get." We truly believe that our customers should receive their flowers exactly how they see it on our website. We guarantee that neither you, nor your recipient, will have to deal with the hassle of setting up your flower arrangement, unlike the major online flower retailers. The flower arrangements from PlantShed are always delivered ready for immediate display. Shop our flowers >>