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Planting Bulbs for Spring

Planting Bulbs for Spring

Author: J.R.

Okay, folks, it’s time to face the music. We worked hard all spring and summer to make our gardens something Veranda magazine would feature on the cover, but alas—winter is at our doorstep…

You might let out a sigh as you move about the flower beds, yanking up dried vines and annuals…

You might even frown as dirt flies all over the place and you discover insects you’d pretended all season were never there.  Unlike your plants, the bugs are still hanging on…

However, the mood might begin to brighten up as you get out the burlap and wrap perennial containers to protect them from freezing. “It’s not all that bad,” you may say, imagining these plants emerging next year. Thinking ahead to warmer times will surely relieve any autumnal blues. That’s why planting flower bulbs is also a good way to turn “cleaning up the garden” into “designing for spring!

Most New York gardeners will be planting their bulbs in containers. (Got land? Lucky you!) Here are a few tips:

1- Start with a container large enough to insulate the bulbs from the winter cold—about 24 inches. If you’re growing them in a smaller container, you’ll need to place the pot someplace cold like a garden shed that will still offer some protection. Sorry, bringing them into your apartment is not likely to work—too warm!

2- Plant the bulbs in a well-draining potting mix so they will be sitting in moist but not soggy soil.

3- Make the most of your limited space by layering blubs, with the largest on the bottom. Bulbs are picky about the depth they are planted, so be sure to read the specific instructions that come with your flowers

4- Water thoroughly after planting and a couple times during the winter. And that’s it! Come March and April, you’ll be so glad you planned ahead!

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