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How to Create a Rainbow Rose

How to Create a Rainbow Rose

Author: JDG

We carry a wide variety of roses in all sizes and colors. But if you're looking to send a floral gift that will set you apart from the ordinary flower arrangements, try making some rainbow roses! Follow our easy guide to cultivating your own colorful and truly unique creations. All you need to reinvent the rose is some time, some white or cream roses, and food coloring and you'll be on your way. This coloring technique is not part of their natural growth, but it is not detrimental to your roses' blooming and growth.


1) Select white or cream roses with long stems. View individual rose stems from our "Create Your Own" bouquet or arrangement feature. You can choose to have your flowers delivered by themselves, fresh from the growers without any gift wrapping. Or you can choose an arrangement such as our Pure Feelings , which comes with white roses arranged in a vase.
2) Select 3 options of food coloring. This selection can be inspired by anything, but we suggest using a split complementary color scheme such as green, orange, & purple, or blue, orange, & yellow. Gather three glasses of water and add food coloring to the water (one color per glass, no mixing of colors). Add drops of color until the water becomes totally opaque.
3) Split the stems into 3 slices (see photo for example). Use a knife or sharp blade to cut lengthwise up to 6 inches. The four ends of the split stem should be dipped into four color cups.

4) Wait for 24 hours and see the magic. Look at the transformation of your simple white rose! Now take it out, trim the split ends of the stems, and place in a vase.
5) Enjoy your creation and show your friends! Shop Roses on