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Halloween DIY: Spooky Monster Silhouettes

Halloween DIY: Spooky Monster Silhouettes

Author: J.R.

Happy Halloween from all of us at Plant Shed!

Garden parties are best this time of year. The weather is perfectly brisk and the chrysanthemums are bursting with fall colors. Pumpkins and gourds accent all the ivy, geraniums, and other plants that will survive until the first frost. Overall, the garden seems to be preparing itself for winter on the horizon, while also inviting us to enjoy it while we can!

Apple cider: check.

Good friends: check!

Costume: eh...might pick up something last minute.

What’s a finishing touch that will add a little magic to your Halloween night? Look no further than the windows of your home! Transform them into a festive haunted house with fun monster silhouettes. These are inexpensive and super easy to make!

Here’s what you need:

• Black poster board or construction paper

• Glue dots or Scotch tape

• Pencil

• Scissors

• X-Acto Knife

The steps:

1. First, get inspired with a search on Google Images. Just type ‘monster silhouette’ and you’ll find oh-so-many patterns!

2. Using a pencil, draw (to the best of your abilities) the monster of your choosing onto black poster board or construction paper. Don’t worry if yours doesn’t look exactly like the pattern. You can’t mess up a monster.

3. Use scissors and an X-Acto knife to cut out your monster silhouette.

4. Stick your monsters onto windows using glue dots or tape.

5. Turn on the lights inside—now you’re having a monster mash!


B O O !