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Spring Flowers in NYC

Spring Flowers in NYC

Author: Stavros F.

We are well into spring now. The weather is warming up, there are no signs of upcoming storms and the sky has a wonderful clear-blue color. Most importantly, flowers are blossoming and trees are getting green. From the colorful tulips at Park Avenue to the wild beauty of Central Park, the Big Apple is getting green and colorful. Spring brings with it a better mood and nature’s rebirth brings joy to every hard-working New Yorker. Here at we are excited every time this season starts! We get new batches of fresh blooms. Our store gets filled with colors of the blossoming plants, and our expert flower designers work at full speed. Our shelves are full of fresh fragrant herbs such as parsley, mint and oregano, and our staff works overtime to choose the best flowers for our famous hand-crafted arrangements.

Flower bulbs blossom for only a few weeks during the year and you have to be fast to get fresh hyacinths, daffodils, tulips, crocus and other beautiful flowers. The blossoming spring is an inspiration to us all and our spring arrangements include some of our best and most artistic products. To celebrate the joyful arrival of spring, send a beautiful flower arrangement to your dearest friends and your loving relatives.

Here are some ideas for perfect spring gifts:

Forever Tulips is a beautiful and minimal arrangement made of high quality red tulips in a cylindrical, glass vase. 

forever tulips

The Blissful Drawer, is one of our most popular flower arrangement. Fresh spring flowers are artfully combined in a rustic cedar drawer. An exceptional gift for a special receipient.

blissful drawer

For a reminder of the sunny days that are on their way, check out the classic Garden Party, with sunflowers and peruvian lilies in an old-fashioned oval tin pot.

garden party