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Staff Picks: Our 5 Favorite Plants for Spring

Staff Picks: Our 5 Favorite Plants for Spring

Author: J.R.

Spring Plants

Countless scientific studies have shown that we human beings are healthier, happier, and generally have a more positive well-being when we live in close proximity to plants. Plants not only reduce our stress, but they also clean our air. Oh, and they look pretty, too!  Our new Spring Plant Collection is full of lush low-maintenance, apartment-ready plants in ceramic pottery in a range of spring-inspired patterns and hues. Our staff has weighed in on these sure-to-please plants and we have a few favorites. Here are our top 5:

Echeveria in Croix Pot

ECHEVERIA   Pet-friendly | Trendy

One of the more popular types of succulents, Echeverias are beloved for their beautiful rosette shape—and we like them, too! Native mostly to semi-desert regions of Mexico and Central America, Echeveria succulents will send up a tall flower stalk if given bright lighting conditions. Echeverias come in mostly pastel colors with a pearlescent sheen and can have textured or smooth foliage. An added bonus is that Echeverias are non-toxic, making them a great option for pet owners.

How to care for Echeverias

Snake Plant in Linen Pot

SNAKE PLANT Air-purifying |  Ultra low-maintenance

Got a dark corner nowhere near a window? The Snake Plant—also called Mother-in-Law’s Tongue—is a stemless evergreen that tolerates a wide range of environmental conditions, making it perfect for spaces where natural sunlight may be limited. With fleshy, sword-shaped foliage that can grow up to four feet tall in its native habitat of tropical Africa, the Snake Plant is an eye-catching option that requires little attention. Our Spring Collection includes both the Sansevieria trifasciata and Sansevieria zeylanica species, which are distinguished by the presence or absence of a yellow edge on their leaves.

How to care for Snake Plants

Crassula in Croix Pot

CRASSULA  Sculptural  |  Unique

This one is just funky, isn’t it? Thriving in spaces with bright sunlight, Crassulas can take on a sculptural quality as they mature. Crassula is a large genus of succulent plants with many species that range in shape and size. Mature Crassulas are often characterized by thick woody stems and fleshy leaves, while young specimens can have less structure to their appearance.

How to care for a Crassula

Shade Garden Verge Planter

SHADE GARDEN  Lush foliage | Great for offices

New York apartments and office spaces often lack the necessary lighting for growing some houseplants—but don’t despair! Our featured Shade Garden thrives in indirect lighting and will spruce up any dim space. This pairing of ferns and Fittonia loves humidity, so mist their leaves periodically and never let the soil fully dry out for best results.

How to care for Shade Garden

Bird's Nest Fern in Fem Rosa Pot

BIRD'S NEST FERN  Pet-friendly | Statement piece

We just love the Bird's Nest Fern's long, elegant fronds that unfurl from the plant’s central rosette. Bird's Nest Ferns are native to tropical jungles in the Pacific, enjoying warm temperatures, high humidity, and dappled sunlight. Often found growing in the nooks and crannies of other plants and trees, Bird’s Nest Ferns are definitely statement pieces as houseplants.

How to care for a Bird's Nest Fern

Check out the entire 
Spring Plant Collection and pick up your favorite!