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Your Guide To A Stress-Free Valentine's Day

Your Guide To A Stress-Free Valentine's Day

Author: Adrianna C.

Valentine’s Day is the second biggest day of the year for florists (second to Mother’s Day). Many people use Valentine's Day as an opportunity to shower their sweethearts, mothers, friends, and children with a lot of extra love. Below are some tips to make buying flowers for Valentine’s Day a little easier and stress-free.

Everyone that orders flowers wants them sent ON Valentine’s Day, whereas other holiday orders can span through the entire week, or sometimes even month of the holiday. If you’re flexible, you can have your flowers delivered a day or two before Valentine's Day. If you're fairly new to flower shopping and find yourself stumped as far as what to order, ease your mind with a Valentine's Day bundle such as our Super Valentine and Rose Bento Box. These bundles include a gorgeous flower arrangement, stuffed animal and chocolates.

It is important to make sure you send your flowers to an address where you know someone trustworthy will be there to receive them if the recipient isn't home. It is unfortunate to have take flowers back and redeliver them another day because no one was around to receive it. Most of the time, we are not permitted to leave flowers at the door. If you are having your flowers delivered to a business location, see if there is a receptionist you can leave them with in case your recipient has stepped out for lunch or our delivery guys aren’t permitted to walk up to the office. is full of high quality, beautiful flower arrangements at great prices. Red roses are gorgeous and will always please, but you do not always have to go that route. If you find that your sweetheart is a little less traditional, you can try to switch it up with a different color palette or other flowers such as tulips , lilies or peonies.

Don’t be afraid to ask our team questions about flowers, how orders work, special requests, etc. Our FAQ section can also help you answer a lot of these questions. If you have other concerns, please do not hesitate to e-mail us at .

If you’re purchasing flowers at your local florist, don’t wait until the end of the day on Valentine’s Day to pick something up. Many florists will have pre-made, ready to go flower arrangements for those on the go shoppers. You may run the risk of not having as many options to choosen from, however, roses should be of abundance in any local flower shop. When you are shopping, in order to choose the best, longest lasting roses, the blooms shouldn't all be completely closed nor completely opened up. The petals of fresh flowers should feel firm and their color should be opaque. The stems should NOT be slimy and need to be stripped of any bruised or rotten leaves.

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Valentine's Day shopping can be stressful if you're not prepared. However, eliminating one of your to-dos with the freshest cut flowers from a reputable florist can make your and your significant other's holiday a lot easier and much more romantic.