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Summer Dinner Party Ideas

Summer Dinner Party Ideas

Author: JDG

Summer is a great time of year to entertain friends, family, and loved ones. The weather is beautiful and dinner is the perfect time of day to invite people over to your house. Dinner parties are trending now and entertaining requires your house to look nice and presentable. Plants and flowers are a great and easy way to decorate your home with very little hassle. We carry a wide array of unique flower arrangements at that can help you elevate your summer dinner parties.


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If you are looking to get a bit more involved in the décor and are unable to find arrangements that suit your needs, try our Create Your Own online feature. With our Create Your Own feature, you can build an arrangement (or a set of arrangements) to your liking. We have a variety of over 60 different flowers of varying species and colors. You can also include special notes to ensure you’re your customized floral display is created to your liking.


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With the Create Your Own feature, you are also able to order individual stems without a container. This is the perfect option if you already have empty vases around the house that need refilling. Our Create Your Own feature is a great opportunity to spark your creativity.


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But what are your options if you are entertaining outside? Plant Shed also offers outdoor patio/garden design consultations to ensure your outside areas are properly designed. We provide all the plants required to decorate your garden and will even plant them for you! Just contact a designer at (212) 662-440 and we'll get you started on a consultation right away!


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Maybe you’re a guest attending a dinner party and you don’t want to be boring and bring a typical gift like a bottle of wine or a potato salad that will go uneaten throughout the night. Try bringing a flower arrangement that will surely surprise and impress your host. It’s a gift that will last long after the dinner party and your hosts will be thrilled by your unique gift.