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Thanksgiving Table - Be thankful, colorful, bright!

Thanksgiving Table - Be thankful, colorful, bright!

Author: Stavros F.

Thanksgiving is coming up and you should start getting prepared for the great dinner of Thursday night. The Thanksgiving dinner table decoration has to be perfect, and how can it be more welcoming than with flower and plant decorations. A flower arrangement on the dinner table is a must! Make your Thanksgiving dinner table traditional and romantic. Create floral decorations to reflect the warm spirit of fall and holidays on your home decorations. Use lilies, sunflowers, dahlias and mums. Mix the flowers with fruit, a variety of pumpkins, nuts, branches and grass. November is a great season for alstromerias, gerbera daisies, lisianthuses, hydrangeas, and snapdragons.   Find a beautiful wooden box or crate and create an impressive arrangement. You can always use a rustic bucket, or even a leftover carved pumpkin as a flower holder. Create antithesis using green grass, brown branches and yellow and red flowers, along with orange pumpkins.

The basic steps are always the same when creating a flower arrangement:

1- Create a base of green, using grass and green leaves. You can use fern, Green Mist, or Casablanca grass. There are so many options for bouquet fillers ask a florist and make your choice.

2- Select seasonal flowers to create a colorful pattern. Use fall flowers in shades of orange, yellow and red, to represent the shades of fall. You may want to add a few different colors such as red roses, to give variety of character to your decoration. A few roses here and there will stand out with their bright-colored petals. Make sure to pick fresh, good quality flowers so that they last longer and look better.

3- Add other decorations, such as branches, fruit, berries or anything you like and you think that fits in your creation. After all, it’s your own work of art!

4- Select your arrangement holder. It can be simple, traditional, classic, or modern. It will make a difference, so pick wisely. From a minimal, simple glass vase, to a wooden crate, a galvanized steel bucket, your options are countless.

5- Give your arrangement the shape and appearance you wish. Cut the stems the size you want them, depending on the holder size and shape. Place larger blossoms closer to the center and surround them with smaller ones.

6- Last, but not least, carefully decide where you want to place the arrangement. It may be on the dinner table, at a corner of the living room, in the kitchen, or on the wall. Choose wisely, you want your arrangement to blend in with its surroundings or, make a statement by contradicting with the existing decorations and colors. Also keep in mind that your flowers will generally prefer a cooler environment, to last longer. So don’t place your bouquets by the stove or over the radiator! However, letting them freeze is not a good idea either, so avoid placing them by the window and expose them to the cold winter breezes.

You can find the excellent, magnificent, handmade flower arrangements of or you can create your own Thanksgiving arrangement online.

Flowers bring us together and thanksgiving is all about bringing family together. Try assembling your arrangements along with your children, friends and loved ones. Chat over a beautiful project and let your emotions be expressed through your decorative ideas. Light a few candles. Serve the table and enjoy the cozy, warm atmosphere your arrangements create.

If you can’t attend the Thanksgiving gathering, let us directly hand deliver an arrangement for you.