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The Best Plants for Your Kitchen

The Best Plants for Your Kitchen

Author: C. W.

Houseplants add plenty of color and personality to the home. While they’re commonly found in entryways and living areas, they fit in just as well in the kitchen. In fact, this is easily one of the best places to raise a healthy indoor garden! You’ve got the sink at your disposal, so watering on a regular schedule shouldn’t be an issue. If there’s a window in the room, then natural light exposure is also no concern. And with all that time you spend whipping up culinary masterpieces, it should be pretty easy to remember to care for them.

The only real concern is figuring out which plants work best in the kitchen. You don’t want anything too large and imposing — bigger plants generally don’t make sense in the scope of the space. More compact sizes are far more appropriate, as you can line them on the windowsill or place them discreetly in the corner without worry that they’ll occupy too much room. Here are a few options to keep in mind.

Spider Plants

Easily one of the simplest plants on the planet to maintain, the spider plant is one of those versatile options that brightens up any room in the home. It’s a great addition to the kitchen because it’s a natural air purifier. Its presence could conceivably help eliminate some of those harsh kitchen odors that might otherwise emanate throughout the house. Plus, they’re non-toxic and handle humid environments well. A little indirect sunlight helps this attractive houseplant thrive.


The greatest advantage of herbs is that they’re relatively small, so you never have to worry about them overwhelming the room. There are dozens of aromatic options, ranging from oregano and mint to rosemary and parsley. You can reach for them anytime you feel compelled to spice up your cooking a little bit. Just make sure they receive plenty of direct light exposure. Allow the soil to dry out just a touch before you add water, then mist it lightly. You can also apply fertilizer a couple of times a month to keep them healthy and vibrant.


The vibrant green beauty of the pothos plant is irresistible — and that’s only part of what makes it such an appropriate addition to the kitchen. Whether you opt to hang it or place it on a surface, you’ll love the way its heart-shaped leaves warm up the room. As with herbs, you should allow the soil some time to dry out before you add more water. Avoid exposure to direct light; a low, indirect lighting situation is more appropriate for these relatively low-maintenance plants.

Snake Plant

The snake plant is an eye-catching option that’s perfect if you want to add more of a statement piece to the kitchen. Its pointed leaves grow in varying shades of green and yellow, adding some natural beauty and freshness to the room. The tall plant is a great option for a countertop, but could also fill a gap in an empty corner if you want to create a more cohesive layout in the kitchen. Indirect lighting conditions coupled with occasional watering — ideally when the soil is dried out — is all that it needs to remain healthy. Even if you don’t have much of a green thumb, you can maintain a gorgeous indoor garden — or a single plant — in your kitchen. They naturally complement the room by adding a touch of earthy beauty to the space.