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The Gracious Guest

The Gracious Guest

Author: J.R.

The season to celebrate is here! We’re 9 days into the month of December and we can feel the pace quicken as our social calendars fill up with cocktail parties, fundraisers, potlucks, and holiday hippos. It’s time to connect with friends, family and colleagues, share the love, and throw back a glass…or two!

We all know hosting a party is quite a lot of work. There’s the cooking and cleaning that must always be done, as well as the decorating and activities that are coordinated in advance. Plus, there’s the managing of the guest list and just taking care of everyone’s needs. Throwing a party takes a lot of effort! (Not to mention the sheer expense of it all.)

As guests, it’s always best to show up at a party with something in our hands. The classic bottle of wine or a food dish is a great way to contribute to the festivities. But what about a little gesture of appreciation just for the host or hostess? Something extra he or she can enjoy well after the party is over?

Here at Plant Shed, we have a few gift ideas that will really go along way to share your thanks for a wonderful time…


1. Terrariums

Want to hear your host squeal with delight when they open the door? A succulent terrarium is almost 100% guaranteed to do the trick. These are absolutely adorable and will work with any design style. Plus, they’re very easy to take care of. Give bright, indirect light and water every 10 days. Done. Your host will be thinking of you long after they’ve tidied the place the next morning!




2. Flower Arrangement…in a Vase!

Fresh-cut flowers are always appreciated at a party. They liven up any table. We recommend arriving with the flowers already arranged in a vase. It makes it so, so much easier on the host if they don’t have to stop greeting their guests to hunt down a container, cut the stems, and make them look pretty.

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3. Orchids

Classy. Elegant. Who doesn’t want an orchid? And contrary to popular belief, they’re not hard to take care of. Give bright, indirect light and water 3 ounces—about a shot glass full—every 7-10 days if planted in a container with no drainage. The blooms will likely last between 4 and 6 weeks, so this is a gift your host will continue to enjoy on into the next month!

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Also, these look really impressive when they’re gift-wrapped…

3. Seasonal Plants

Poinsettia and amaryllis are fun and never go out of style during the holidays. If you go with an amaryllis, we recommend showing up at the party with a plant that is already in the process of blooming—so everyone can ooh and aah at its beauty!

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4. Wreath

Want to stand out among the guests? Arrive at the party with a wreath draped over your arm! This is a fun gift your host will certainly never forget. Just be sure to also bring a wreath hanger so that it’s quick and easy to hang on a door.

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5. Ornament for the Tree

This is the gift that keeps on giving year-after-year. As your host decorates the tree next holiday season, they’ll rediscover the ornament that you gave them. And then they’ll remember the very party you’re attending—and what a wonderful time that was!

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