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The Perfect Flower for Mother's Day: Peonies Please!

The Perfect Flower for Mother's Day: Peonies Please!

Author: C. W.

If ever there was a flower synonymous with Mother’s Day, it’s the beautiful and highly fragrant peony. They’re currently in season, and perfect for brightening up her day and warming her heart. How could they not, when you send them with a sweet card and a loving message?

The peony is native to different parts of Europe, Asia, and North America. It has a particularly major reputation in China, where it’s often touted as the “king” of all flowers and is associated with wealth and honor. It’s certainly a blossom fit for royalty, which happens to make it a great choice for the first queen in your life!

The beauty of this lush and showy flower is that it makes a huge impact — and it also happens to be a rarity that only blooms during spring. The flower is ravishing, and you can find it in a wide range of shades to delight any mom. There are classics like pink, red, and purple, along with lighter hues like white and yellow.

Their rounded, globe-like formation lends them unique character and makes them perfect for adding a pop of something special and eye-catching to any space. Entryway or foyer, anyone? They also look great in mom’s bedroom. No doubt she’ll love waking up to these blooming beauties every morning!

Behind the Peony

There’s so much more than meets the eye to any flower — and that’s especially true where the sweetly innocent peony is concerned. It’s symbolic for so many reasons. Some say it’s the ultimate flower of happiness, compassion, and good fortune. And legend has it that Marco Polo once claimed they were essentially “roses as big as cabbages.”

The peony makes a lovely alternative that’s just as meaningful and striking as any rose. Peonies are even associated with happy marriages, so it’s also a nice way of recognizing your parents' relationship. In fact, it’s the official 12th wedding anniversary flower, emblematic of honor and companionship. Some even say the peony can bring good luck if there are an even number of blooms in the bouquet.

Peony Styles

There are several different types of peonies. If you happened to wander through a lush garden, you might spot one of the most common: the herbaceous peony. It’s capable of growing up to three feet tall, and it emits a wonderfully fresh and sweet fragrance. Even a single peony can be quite dramatic. If space is really limited, a single stem placed in a sleek vase will make a commanding statement — and add a pop of color to any area of her home.

Some are denser than others, but all are bold enough to capture attention. The “bomb”-like peony has particular depth, what with its lengthy petals and more prominent size. As it expands, it will produce a heady scent.

No matter which style you choose, you can count on one thing: If she appreciates beautiful flower arrangements, rich, true colors, wonderful fragrances, and Mother’s Day gifts with meaning, then she’ll love receiving a peony bouquet this year.