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Our Top Five Picks for February

Our Top Five Picks for February

Author: C.W.

Choosing the perfect flower arrangement can be a tricky task. With so many beautiful options out there, you might be uncertain about where to begin—especially if you’re focusing on important factors like the meaning behind particular blossoms. Whether you’re decorating the home, just want to treat yourself, or are looking for something for someone special, we’re here to make life simpler for you! We’ve established a carefully curated selection of our favorites this month. Here are five of our most beloved picks of the moment.

1. Snake Plant Laurentii – Medio

The popular Snake Plant Laurentii – Medio is deserving of every single accolade it’s ever received. Don’t be fooled by those sharpish, pointy ends—this plant is actually a very protective sort. Unlike other plants, which release oxygen during the day through natural photosynthesis, snake plants do the exact opposite. Emitting oxygen overnight helps them filter toxins like formaldehyde, benzene, and xylene from the air. Cleaner indoor air equals a happier and healthier you! This eye-catching plant, also known as Mother-in-Law’s Tongue, is a great addition to the bedroom or bathroom.

2. Gilded Orchids

No two ways about it: orchids are simply resplendent. This ornamental beauty is a true feast for the eyes. The white blossoms represent purity and elegance, two traits that are easy to tie back to this eye-catching plant nestled in a gold ceramic pot that shines from every angle. Our interpretation of Gilded Orchids offers elegance and grace in a stunning package.

3. Precious Pals

Pops of red and pink are sure to send the message if you’ve got love on the brain. Precious Pals is, indeed, a precious reflection of your connection with someone special and there’s no way to deny the beauty of pink anemones and ranunculus, whose eye-catching ruffled petals lend the arrangement texture. Also in the mix is dusty miller, a silvery plant whose lacy finish lends the entire composition a chic finishing touch that’s sure to please those fashionable folks in your life.

4. Lapis

Like a breath of fresh air, Lapis simply envelops any space in lightness and radiance. The bouquet feels at once dramatic and understated and evokes a sense of deep simplicity. Shades of soft blue, purple, and ivory are natural companions brought together courtesy of eye-catching thistle, lilies, roses, hyacinths, and delphinium. They all play their own starring roles and bring the presentation to life. As for symbolism? Representing sincerity, honesty, peace, and faith, this arrangement sends the right message every time.

5. Special Surprise

Everyone needs a little pick-me-up from time to time, whether that someone is you (because you deserve it!) or a VIP in your life. Enter the Special Surprise, our thoughtfully designed arrangement featuring a lovely combination of pink roses, lavender sweet peas, and vibrant pink ranunculus. The effect is bright and uplifting, while a hint of dusty miller adds some softening, earthy balance to the equation. Nestled in a chic ceramic vase, it’s the perfect surprise for anyone deserving of a little joy.