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Our Top Five Picks for Januaury

Our Top Five Picks for Januaury

Author: C.W.

Winter blues are in full swing at this point of the season but that doesn't mean you can't fill your home with lively, cheerful greenery. This month, we’ve had some of our staff members narrow down our best sellers to help you find the bit of nature that meets your needs. Browse the following top five choices or stop by one of our local NYC florist locations to see them in person.

1. The Emily

Emily by Plantshed

You can’t go wrong with the Emily, a teeming arrangement of gloriously white hydrangeas, lisianthus, and roses. One reason we love this bouquet so much is that it truly mimics a winter wonderland. Even the accompanying dusty miller and fresh greens are touched with a frosted tone reminiscent of a light snowfall to add an icy vibe. You can enjoy the sleekness that the Emily offers as soon as you want because you won’t even have to leave your home to have it delivered. Choose our same-day delivery option to get these flowers exactly where you need them.

2. Rendezvous

Rendezvous by Plantshed

The Rendezvous adds a startling blush of color, thanks to the bold, black centers of the blush-white anemones and is a great choice for anyone who needs a pick-me-up during long winter weeks. Surrounding these breathtaking blooms are a bed of fresh greens and weeping eucalyptus. The result is an astounding look that would be an excellent mid-winter gift to a friend or family member.

3. Smiles in Sydney

Smiles in Sydney by Plantshed

If you know someone itching for spring or you feel like you need to brighten up your own home, consider Smiles in Sydney. This cheery and colorful arrangement is great for those whose thoughts are already drifting to warmer months. Built with two yellow pincushion proteas, overflowing pink snapdragons, blue eryngium, yellow solidago, and fresh greens, this lush bouquet brings joy to even the drabbest of environments.

4. Giraffe Succulent Planter Set

Giraffe Succulent Planter Set by Plantshed

Flower arrangements aren’t the only way to brighten someone’s day — which is why we’re happy to feature the adorable Giraffe Succulent Planter Set. Glitz and gold are the highlights here, as both giraffes shine with their tell-tale metallic spots. Inside these cute animals is an arrangement of small but mighty succulents in various tones of green. This is a great option for anyone who keeps their aesthetic at the forefront of their mind. Why do succulents make such a hearty winter plant? For one, they only need watering about once a week. Second, indirect sunlight is enough to keep them alive — which is perfect for overcast winter days.

5. Alocasia Polly Medio

Alocasia Polly - Medio by Plantshed

To give a gift that will last longer than a standard arrangement, consider the Alocasia Polly – Medio. This 6-inch plant is also known as the African Mask and features jagged dark green leaves rippled with streaks of white. In other words, it boasts a striking appearance that works well as either an accent plant or a main centerpiece. With the plant’s ability to remove toxins from the air, you have the perfect gift for a loved one stuck inside their home during the winter season. Our local Manhattan plant shop can easily deliver this to your loved one with same-day delivery.

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These are some of our top favorites this month, but they don’t have to be yours. Browse our full catalog of flowers and plants to take advantage of our same-day flower delivery in NYC today.