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Our Top Five Picks for March

Our Top Five Picks for March

Author: C.W.

We’re surrounded by beautiful plants and flowers every day of the year, which makes it admittedly difficult to choose just one … or two … or three favorites. Fortunately, there’s no limit to our love, and this month we’ve narrowed down our staff picks to a diverse collection of spring-fresh stunners that will brighten your home (or someone’s day) in an instant. Here are five we recommend if you’re ready for sunshine, clear skies, and beautiful weather!

1. Zinfandel

We are falling head over heels for Zinfandel, a stunning arrangement that sings of spring with its bevy of radiant colors. A pop of purple here, a shot of pink there, and plenty of fresh greenery lend this bouquet enduring style. Dianthus, which are some of spring’s most abundant and colorful blooms, provide the perfect balance for delicate anemones. Also in the mix are hyacinths and multi-toned roses. The result: a chic and contemporary arrangement perfect for celebrating the start of the season.

2. Multicolor Tulip Garden

Is there anything more emblematic of spring than the almighty tulip? Probably not, which makes our Multicolor Tulip Garden a must for any reason! Tucked inside the glass fishbowl vase are a whopping 20 blooms in a variety of pretty hues. Breathtaking yellow caspia fills the space like little springs of sunshine, while fresh greenery adds the perfect finishing touch. The compact size is ideal for adding a splash of sun-drenched color to your space without overwhelming the room.

3. Spring Fling

Prepare to be enamored with Spring Fling, a dreamy composition that’s sure to steal your heart at first glance. How could it not, what with its array of bold yellow daffodils and multicolored tulips? Shades like hot pink, red, and white vie for the spotlight, but in the end, there’s no competition — all of these beauties win! Tulips are among spring’s finest flowers, and in this arrangement, they provide the perfect contrast to the crisp daffodils. The artisanal floral vase provides the perfect finishing touch.

4. Button Fern Garden in Large Verge Planter

If you love a robust plant that doesn’t require too much attention, you’ll be overjoyed with our Button Fern Garden. Set in a sturdy and elegant glazed ceramic pot, this attractive plant performs best in areas where sunlight is limited. A bit of water is all that’s needed to keep this stylish accent happy! Ferns represent new beginnings, which makes them the perfect choice if you want to usher in springtime with something fresh, natural, and earthy. Plus, it just looks perfect on a desktop or dining room table!

5. Pineapple Cycad

They’re traditionally associated with hospitality, and with good reason. The sweet and juicy pineapple evokes smiles for its tasty flavor alone! Our Pineapple Cycad celebrates that succulent goodness in a decidedly unique way: with a flashy pot that was inspired by the beloved fruit. Little golden dots provide a brilliant contrast to the impressive sago palm tree, whose feathery fronds are reminiscent of the islands. If spring break doesn’t find you heading to the tropics for a much-needed getaway, this could well be the next best thing!