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Our Top Five Picks for May

Our Top Five Picks for May

Author: C. W.

This month, we’re eyeing some stunning plants and flower arrangements that are sure to captivate! Whether you’re sending them to a loved one to let them know they’re on your mind (such a thoughtful idea at any time!), or you just want to brighten your own day (a serious form of self-care!), then one of our staff picks is sure to do the job. Here’s what we’re loving right now.

Cherished Memories

Nostalgia is a precious thing. It’s capable of taking you back to the most special moments of your life — to carefree moments when anything was possible. Channel a hint of that optimism with the cheery Cherished Memories bouquet. Our delightful composition includes peonies and lilacs in uplifting shades of pink and purple. They each vie for attention, but ultimately both complement one another beautifully and are destined to add a pop of beauty to any area of the home — along with a fabulous scent, too. The clincher: this beauty is nestled in an old-world container with a whitish tinge that fits nicely into any space.

Hugs & Kisses

Who do you love? Let them know that you care with Hugs & Kisses, the most precious bouquet you’re likely to see all day! This radiant arrangement offers a little bit of everything, from roses and hydrangeas to snapdragons and lilies. With bright colors and varying textures, this is an eye-catching piece with personality! Fresh greenery provides bold contrast, allowing each vibrant hue to stand out on its own. It’s all set within a clear glass vase that helps the flowers make a bold statement.

Pale Pink Peony Bouquet

Subtle, understated, and undeniably beautiful, the Pale Pink Peony Bouquet is just the right choice for anyone with an appreciation for quiet elegance. The delicate peony is a classic favorite reflective of honor, romance, love, happiness, compassion, and wealth — all positive traits that anyone in your life is sure to take to heart. Whether for Mother’s Day, a birthday, a just-because for a dear friend, or yourself, you can trust this will win plenty of smiles when it arrives.

Climbing Pothos

For anyone with a taste for the good kind of drama, the Climbing Pothos is sure to do the trick nicely. This sophisticated plant grows...and grows...and grows! One reason it’s so renowned is because it’s easy to maintain, no matter what the lighting conditions. A little bit of water to prevent slouching leaves and occasional pruning is all this robust plant needs to continue producing its signature heart-shaped leaves. This is nestled in a dark ceramic pot for a classic look that fits well into any environment.

Pineapple Cycad

Elevate the glam factor of any space with the Pineapple Cycad. This standout piece is no wallflower — the sago palm offers a discreet nod to the islands, while the shimmery white and gold pot offers a touch of sassy style that’s perfect for decorating anything from a desk to a dresser to a kitchen table. A little care goes a long way — just water the soil when it starts to feel dry. It’s great for the lower-maintenance folks in your life.