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Top 3 Plants that Require Minimal Care and Watering

Top 3 Plants that Require Minimal Care and Watering

Author: C. W.

Raise your hand if you’re a plant lover but have the least green thumb of anyone that you know. If you’ve got a somewhat solid reputation for your inability to raise and nurture a plant, you aren’t alone. Not everyone has the inclination, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the wonders of Mother Nature. These plants make it easy to soak up their beauty because they require minimal care, watering, and maintenance. That means you never have to worry about their longevity or wellbeing — and you can simply soak up the joys of being a proud plant owner.

Air Plants

Few plants are as tolerant as the humble air plant. There are many varieties available, and they each share some maintenance-friendly traits that make them especially easy to keep at home. For starters, they don’t require soil, so you never have to worry about checking moisture levels. Moreover, they absorb all of the nutrients and moisture they need to thrive from the air. That’s thanks to their scaly leaves, which lend them an otherworldly appearance.

To help it along, keep it in indirect light and soak it in room temperature water for about 10 minutes every couple of weeks. Gently shake it dry and set it upside down so moisture doesn’t overwhelm the plant. Otherwise, it’s at risk of developing rot. Once fully dry, it’s ready to place back in its original position.


The beauty of the succulent is that it adds some enduring charm to any spot, whether you’re decorating a desk, lining a few petite plants along a windowsill, or creating an earthy centerpiece on your dining table. Succulents handle any environment well, as they’re perfectly capable of withstanding low-humidity climates and aren’t phased by a lack of water. Our Four of a Kind Mini Succulents offer the perfect starting point for newcomers to the glorious world of this delightful plant.

The best way to keep those wonderfully fleshy leaves happy is to place the plant in direct sunlight. Overwatering the soil isn’t recommended, as that can impact its growth and vitality. It’s best to allow the roots sufficient time to dry every time you water, so always wait until the soil is completely dry to rehydrate the plant.

Monstera Plants

Another plant that prefers its soil on the dry side is the monstera. This tropical delight generally thrives in lightly moistened soil and is happiest when it’s set in a space that receives medium or bright indirect lighting. It happens to perform in lower-light conditions too, so if you lack sufficient space you don’t have to worry unless its growth is affected. The Monstera Ginny even hangs out of the way, conserving space while adding a pop of lively green to your home. A warm space with elevated humidity levels is best for this simple plant.

You can also very easily determine if your monstera needs a little more TLC. The leaves may turn brownish-yellow if the soil is overwatered and appear more yellow-toned if underwatered. Monstera plants also grow fairly enthusiastically. Don’t be alarmed if yours begins to look a bit too large for comfort! You can prune yours into shape and enjoy the way it adds a little personality to your space.

Not all plants are easy to maintain, but if you’re new to the plant world or want to give your inexperienced inner gardener a beginner’s workout, these stylish and effortless varieties will set you on the right path.