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Unique Flowers to Include in Your Spring Wedding

Unique Flowers to Include in Your Spring Wedding

Author: C. W.

Spring is one of the most enchanting times of the year to have your wedding. The freshness of spring pairs perfectly with the new beginnings of weddings and romance. One of the most delightful parts of a spring wedding is all of the spectacular flowers that are seasonal to the spring. Lush, abundant, and utterly divine, the spring season offers some of the most remarkable and beautiful flowers of the year. Take advantage of the spring season to feature some of these extraordinary and gorgeous flowers at your spring wedding. Here is our selection of unique flowers to add something extra special to your special day.


Magnolias are a majestic springtime favorite that often gets overlooked despite their regal beauty and statement-making presence. Magnolias have both stunning blooms and lush greenery for both floral and foliage arrangements. These beauties look lovely all on their own or in floral arrangements paired with other classic spring flowers. White magnolias look incredibly elegant and chic with their giant white blossoms paired with white garden roses, white lilacs, and the cool hues of eucalyptus. Magnolias are just one of those unique spring flowers that offer that perfect “wow” effect wherever you see them.


Spring brides should be taking full advantage of these exceptional flowers. Lilacs only come around once a year in the spring and are a divine addition to any spring wedding. With their heavenly scents, delicate flowers, and lovely hues of whites and lavenders, lilacs are the perfect spring bloom to add to your wedding floral arrangements. Lilacs make a wonderful addition to wedding bouquets that are filled with other spring favorites such as roses, ranunculus, tulips, and anemones.

Cherry Blossoms

Branches of cherry blossoms add a fresh blush to any wedding floral array. These incomparable blooms only come around in the spring and are sure to add a more earthy dimension to your wedding. These gorgeously feminine and romantic flowers combine perfectly with other wild spring favorites such as sweet pea, carnation, and garden roses to create the most radiant wedding arrangement.


While daffodils are a favorite springtime and Easter flower, they don’t appear as commonly at weddings as they do on other occasions. Nonetheless, daffodils make a beautiful and distinctive addition to any spring wedding. Like other lush and fresh spring blooms, daffodils typically only come around in the spring and add a smiling brightness and spring freshness to your wedding. Perfectly paired with tulips or lily of the valley, these sunny beauties are an outstanding addition to a spring wedding.

Sweet Peas

Many of us remember sweet peas as the first flowers we ever tried to grow. But, just because they’re easy to grow doesn’t mean they don’t make an amazing addition to a wedding. These lovely vines offer deep green foliage and an array of richly colored flowers that add a wild and classy bohemian dimension to any floral arrangement. Sweet peas add a lovely delicate touch with their crisp vines and tender flowers that are completely unique.

Lily of the Valley

These enchanting blooms are another springtime favorite that can add romance and graceful beauty to your wedding floral ensemble. The delicate bell-shaped flowers and deep green spears of foliage are exceptionally stunning. The added perk is that they smell absolutely heavenly. Lily of the valley is both classic and bohemian, pairing perfectly with tea roses or tulips. Lovely all on their own as a bridal bouquet, or combined with other spring blooms, lily of the valley is one of those magical understated flowers that adds something truly special to your spring wedding.

Springtime is one of the most wonderful times of the year to celebrate your wedding. The lushness and fresh beauty of spring blooms are unparalleled, making them the perfect touch for your wedding. If you are planning your spring wedding let us help you with your flowers. Stop by any of our PlantShed locations around the city or visit us online to begin planning your unique wedding floral arrangements.