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Valentine's Day Flower Guide: Find your Flower Type

Valentine's Day Flower Guide: Find your Flower Type

Author: Crystal J.

Stuck trying to figure out what kind of flowers to send your Valentine? Need help to express your love in the language of flowers? Let us help you figure out the perfect flower based on your Valentine's personality and tastes. Read on for more!

For the person that cares about Traditional Romance...

Our 2-Dozen Elegant Ecuadoran roses are sure to impress many sweethearts this Valentine’s.

A traditional red rose bouquet is the best flower gift to give. This is the #1 top pick for many Valentine’s Gift Ideas, and you can’t go wrong picking this for your special someone. It’s direct and simple, no need to complicate the fact that you love that person via the language of red roses. This is also perfect for people that have a little romantic side to them too!

You can even give them a special twist on the traditional bouquet of roses by giving a rose bouquet mixed with other types of flowers with fresh leaves such like our Unique, a 24 rose bouquet mixed with light purple mokra orchid flowers in a round, clear, fishbowl glass vase.

Another romantic rose bouquet idea is our Charleston, an antique bouquet of red spray roses lovingly gathered with wild seeded eucalyptus leaves in a heart-shaped, vintage print glass vase.

Charleston keeps it traditional, while being unique and romantic. Don’t forget the teddy bear and chocolates either!

But what if this Valentine’s gift is for your crush?

Our Be Mine is a cute and fun way to say “I Love You” to someone you’ve been wanting to spend your time with. This cheery arrangement of roses, spray roses, and tulips arrives hand-delivered in a keepsake ceramic container. It’s not too extravagant, but it’s sure to deliver your romantic feelings to the gift receiver.

For someone that loves adventure, variety, and surprises

Flamingos & Doves is a fun combination of hot pink roses, calla lilies, and hydrangeas in a unique Valentine’s Day flower arrangement.

An artisanal mix of a vibrant flower arrangement will impress these types of people. They’re the type of people who will call you up for a weekend party or randomly plan an outing to a new restaurant.

They love variety and trying new things in life, so they’ll appreciate our Flamingos & Doves, a mix of bright pink roses and green hydrangea contrasted against white calla lilies and velvety dusty miller. Give them something unique that no one else will be able to get along with quality, freshly picked blooms.

For those fashionable and sophisticated loves in your life

A neat arrangement of orchid plants will do the trick. These orchid plants are super delicate and require detailed care to be hand-delivered as a final product, but the effort is sure worth the beauty and grace orchids have in every petal.

White and purple are common orchid colors, and they will often be put by itself in a container with a rod to support the plant.

Our orchid pair, Perfect Match is perfect to give to your special someone as the orchids are carefully arranged with a “I Love You” chalkboard heart-sign in a silver ceramic square container. Perfect Match itself truly stands out like it’s in an art gallery.

For parents, friends, and people you care about so dearly

Tulips and Lilies can be great choices for people that aren’t your significant other. Parents and friends always enjoy getting a Valentine’s gift too and what better way to show them that you care with a simple tulip arrangement.

Tulips like our Forever Tulips, an overflowing abundance of 30 red or red/white tulips placed in a cylindrical container, is a great choice for family and friends since it’s not the romantic rose, but a flower that shows how much you care for them and their friendship.

Hugs & Kisses, made with pink roses, orange snapdragons, hydrangeas and orange lilies, is an explosion of vibrant color with over-the-top big blooms to give them a delightful surprise on Valentine’s Day. 

Valentine’s Day is all about showing your love to a specific person in your life. It’s also all about getting them the right Valentine’s Day flower arrangement that will not only impress them, but make their day as well.

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