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First Blog entry! In honor of the VDAY haters!

First Blog entry! In honor of the VDAY haters!

Author: Jenny Cabido

Each year, as Valentine’s Day approaches, I hear the grumbles from around the country of how both men and women loathe this holiday. Men grumble because it is a “Hallmark Holiday” created by the Capitalist Machine (that we only revere when in our favor) and women cry because they either have no man or the one they have is a forgetful hack. Although my husband is both the former and the latter in this sequence (sorry honey), here is why I love Valentine’s Day and refuse to partake in the negativity: 

  1. Valentines falls on Feb 14. What that means for New Yorkers is that the winter ice is melting away and spring is approaching, albeit very slowly this year!
  2. Cherubs. Only a monster can hate a cherub.
  3. Red, pink and white. Did I say pink? For the next few weeks, store windows, clothes and home goods will be selling goods in every shade of pink and that makes me really, really happy.
  4. Heart shaped everything. How can anyone be mad at a heart shaped (pink) donut?
  5. CANDY. My dining table is cheerfully full of delicious Valentine’s inspired candy. Sweet tart hearts, anyone?
  6. Flowers. Amazing beautiful long stemmed roses, ranunculus, peonies and hydrangeas. All of my favorite flowers are in season and in bloom. Even if the sun isn’t shining quite yet, I can feel the promise of warmth each day in my home. And yes, I am perfectly ok buying them for myself and so should you.
  7. Valentine’s Day is not about RECEIVING love, it’s about SPREADING love and I am all about that. 

So the next time you hear someone nay say this holiday, send them a cheerful bouquet or some silly balloons and on the card remind them that happy people find happiness everywhere and mad people suck (the life out of all of us).

Pro Tip: I personally shy away from the typical red rose display and prefer a soft and feminine palette for this holiday. To make a big statement, height matters. I Always upgrade to the Premium option if available.