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What Are Spray Roses?

What Are Spray Roses?

Author: C. W.

Finding the perfect rose for your bouquet can make a huge difference. While normal roses do look great as a focal or accent piece, they aren’t your only option. Spray roses are a more unique choice that add a gorgeous pop to any arrangement. These smaller flowers are similar to the large blooms you love, but they have a few key differences.

Spray Roses vs. Traditional Roses

When you think of a rose, you probably picture a single bloom with a long, thorny stem. Spray roses are a little different. They’re still part of the Rosaceae family, but rather than growing one bloom per stem, spray roses appear in bunches—a process known as inflorescence. This means you’ll see numerous smaller blooms growing together instead of just one larger flower. In addition to being a little smaller (they are often nicknamed miniature roses), these blooms are also more open than a typical rose, which is more tightly wrapped and compact.

While traditional roses are larger, they do have fewer petals. A typical rose may only have four to eight petals, while a spray rose bloom can have up to 45 petals on one flower. This creates a gorgeous, fanned-out array that can mesh beautifully with other delicate and wispy floral varieties.

Not all spray roses are the same. Just like a traditional rose, you’ll find there are many varieties. Typical colors include white, pink, red, orange, yellow, and lilac, meaning it should be easy to find the exact shade you are looking for. You are also able to find them in single, double, or semi-double blooms.

How to Use Spray Roses

Because of their smaller size, spray roses are easier to use in a number of flower-centric pieces. You’re able to show off more roses at once without a long and thick stem. They make a great wrist corsage for a big dance, as you can fit numerous blooms for a vibrant effect. Pair it with a matching boutonniere, and couples will look perfect together. For a goddess look, you can even create a flower headdress that screams summer freedom.

They also look good as centerpieces for weddings or other large events, as the stems are short enough that they don’t overtake the table. Of course, you can even use spray roses as part of your home décor. Just add them to a vase with other greenery and a few taller flowers, and you’ll have an exotic-looking bouquet. Adding these flowers adds an instant touch of romance and passion.

Growing Your Own Spray Roses

Looking to enjoy the smell and beauty of roses year-round? It’s easy to add a spray rose plant to your home. Because the plant itself is relatively small (only 12 to 36 inches tall), many people grow spray roses in a pot or garden bed. If you choose to go this route, you’ll love the fact that spray roses can be in various stages of maturity at once. That means you might have one stem in full bloom while another is still a small bud — so you’ll get a constant supply of fresh blooms.

However you choose to invite spray roses into your life will be well worthwhile. They provide rich and powerful visual appeal in any bouquet or arrangement.