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What We’re Fall-ing For This Autumn

What We’re Fall-ing For This Autumn

Author: C. W.

The arrival of crisp, cool air is the first sign of the changing season — that, and the sudden onslaught of pumpkin everything. But anyone with a deep appreciation for fall knows that the season is about far more than plummeting temperatures and baked goods. Shorter days also give way to beautiful flowers in an array of stunning colors.

Bright and brilliant, perennials and annuals grow mightily during these cooler months until the hard freeze arrives. In other words, Labor Day does not have to signify the end of your bountiful garden! This is a great time to grow more familiar with some of the season’s best. Here’s what we’re absolutely “fall-ing” for this autumn.

Valley of Fire by Plantshed

Dusty Miller

Who knew? Turns out this eye-catching accent is more of a year-round plant! Known for its lush, almost velvety foliage in a shade of resplendent silver-white, dusty miller often makes an appearance in colorful flower arrangements. It’s wonderfully airy, with a fluffy sort of finish that lends it depth and character. You’ll often find it mingling alongside roses and hydrangeas for a touch of balance. That silvery hue is pure magic!

There’s a certain festive quality about it, too, making it a lovely flower to include in your holiday-season celebrations —fitting, considering that this beauty has the potential to thrive even during the winter months! Keep any potted varieties in a temperate space with light or partial shade where it’s not exposed to excessive cold or moisture. Occasional watering is all that’s needed.

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The fall-blooming anemone boasts a surprisingly springy appearance, what with its range of light and breezy colors. From soft pinks to delicate purples to crisp whites, these shades add a little levity to your garden — inside or outside! — during a season affiliated primarily with colors like eggplant and mustard. The anemone is a true beauty with its broad petals and slight ruffle. Bold centers, often in shades like black and navy, allow them to stand out even more.

More than just beautiful, it’s also a relatively low-maintenance option that doesn’t demand too much of your time and attention. Frequent watering without oversaturating the soil is the most important step. In the event of a deep freeze, you’ll need to keep them in a temperature-regulated space before the threat of inclement weather passes. That’s usually about a month prior to the first spring frost.

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When in doubt, add some dahlias to your world. It’s the quintessential fall flower, packed with engaging color that brings your entire garden to life. Not only does it mesmerize at a glance, but it also exudes an intoxicating, almost spicy scent that resonates perfectly with the spirit of the season. In a flower arrangement, it’s often used to contrast something bold and shapely for a balanced effect.

In the garden, it’s perfect for planting near the front door for a little vibrancy that boosts your curb appeal right away. Whether it’s inside or outside, make sure your dianthus receives at least six hours of partial sunlight daily. Keep an eye on the soil — they only require watering when the topmost inch starts to feel dry and dehydrated.

Croton Petra - Medio by Plantshed


Is there any plant more resplendent for fall than the humble croton? Known for its radiant foliage, it’s destined to bring a little warmth and sunshine to even the coolest fall days. Those orange, red, and yellow tones are unmistakably autumnal, so they’ll get your home into the spirit of the season if you aren’t quite ready just yet to hang the wreaths and break out the pumpkin décor.

As it happens, crotons perform best inside the home. They look great perched on the windowsill — a good thing since they love some direct sunlight. You can even place them in the kitchen or the bathroom, as they thrive in humid spaces. Want to bring some of that fall goodness outside the home? The croton looks beautiful alongside chrysanthemums or pansies, two other fall-friendly flowers that are sure to bring your outdoor space to life beautifully.

Who says you can’t enjoy flowers in cooler weather? These natural beauties prove just how easy it is!