Orchids (Phalaenopsis) Info

General Info

Orchids have come to represent rare and delicate beauty. The orchid’s distinction comes from its delicately feminine structure whose refined exoticism lends to its timeless elegance. In traditional Chinese medicine the orchid is used to help cure coughs and lung illnesses. The ancient Greeks associated orchids with strength. A gift of orchids is always appreciated, adding instant charm to any room. They are also a great everyday flowers – long lasting and surprisingly affordable.

Care and Handling

  • Water your orchid upon arrival if the soil feels dry.
  • As with all of your flowers and plants, check the soil regularly for moisture. If the soil feels dry, give your flower tepid water.
  • Orchids develop best when you allow them to almost dry out before additional watering sessions.
  • Feed the orchid medium indirect light. Orchid leaves burn very easily, so it is best for them to avoid any direct sunlight.
  • If the leaves being to turn yellow or become spotty, the plant is getting too much light, and it is time to relocate.
  • When adding preservative, give it an orchid plant fertilizer, following directions from your florist.
  • The orchid should be kept in warmer temperatures of 65-78°F regularly. Drafty areas or chilly temperatures can cause the flower heads and buds to drop off the plant.
  • To encourage re-blooming, cut stem at an angle, halfway between base and top after the last flower drops. If blooms do not occur within 45 days after being pruned, cut the stem again just above the leaves to encourage a new spike in the winter-spring months. Temperatures must be between 58-60°F for a new stem to grow. Once a new stem starts, orchid should be moved back to normal growing temperatures.

Average Lifespan

  • With proper care and maintenance, your orchids may last anywhere from 7 to 10 days.
  • The Phalaenopsis breed can sometimes last from 1 month to 4 months.
  • Orchids should be repotted every two years. They can, however, go back into the same size pot if the roots are not crowded. If repotting, wait one month before fertilizing.

Seasonal Availability

phalaenopsis orchids

Quick Guide

Symbolism: Delicate Beauty, Luxury, Love, Wisdom
Native Origin: Worldwide
Blooming Season: Summer, Year Long Depending on Breed
Average Life: 1 to 4 Weeks, 1 to 4 Months Phalaenopsis Breed