General Info

Peonies, named after the Greek physician, Paeon, have a history in art, medicine, gardens and parks. In China, peonies were found as far back as 1000 BCE. The peonies spread as dynasties changed and moved. Eventually, the flowers reached Japan. Japan is now a major producer of peonies. Then, peonies spread to Europe, primarily cultivated for medical uses. It was not until later that peonies were grown for decoration. Peonies can grow up to five feet and bloom in later spring early summer. The fragrant flowers range from red to white to yellow.

Care and Handling

  • Fill vase will cool water
  • Remove all leaves that would be underwater, they will rot and reduce the lifespan of the flower
  • Cut ½ inch of the stem at an angle underwater
  • Place flowers out of direct sunlight in a cool location

Average Lifespan

  • The average vase life of fresh cut Peonies lasts around 1 week

Seasonal Availability


Quick Guide

Symbolism: Hospitality
Native Origin: Colombia
Blooming Season: Year Round
Average Life: 4 to 6 weeks