Orchids are among the most popular flowers and here at Plantshed, we specialize at selecting the most high-quality orchids and orchid plants from reliable growers. We carry a wide variety of phalaenopsis, dendrobium, cymbidium, oncidium and other genera of these spectacular flowers. Their exotic blooms come in virtually every color and shape imaginable. In our collection of orchid flower arrangements, you will find small and large, dark and light-colored, single and multicolored blooms, combined with other blooms and flowers to emphasize the intensity of their colors and the magnificence of their shape. The stunning color patterns created by the shapes and shades of the heads are so beautiful that it is hard to believe that this is not the elaborate work of some renowned artist, but the result of nature itself. We are the absolute expert in NYC orchid delivery, and every single bloom we use in our arrangements has been tested for quality and freshness by our experienced personnel.

Orchid flowers match every occasion. In combination with roses, hydrangeas, sunflowers, solidago and other blooms, our designers have created unique arrangements that range from festive and playful, to minimal and elegant. Schedule a delivery in NYC and stun the recipient with an extravagant arrangement of exotic orchid blossoms. All arrangements are matched with a carefully selected unique container made of glass, metal, or ceramic material to give the desired tone of modern style or classical aristocracy to the flower synthesis.

Your arrangements will be delivered with the vase, exactly as you see them in the pictures. Plantshed.com hand delivers fresh orchid arrangements anywhere in NYC, 7 days a week. By shopping through our website, you get same-day NYC orchid delivery and 7-day freshness guarantee. Every one of these arrangements is made by hand, by our experienced designers at the Plantshed flower shop in the Upper West Side of Manhattan. For orchid plant delivery, visit our large collection which contains amazing indoor plants of various sizes and colors. If you are looking for an NYC orchid delivery, we have the best solution.

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